13 Solo Camping Tips

Solo Camping TipsCamping is a great way to unwind and unplug from your everyday routine. It’s great when you go with other people, but it can get stressful. Sometimes you just want to be one with nature by yourself. That is completely okay, but you need to know some of our solo camping tips to make it easier for you.

Start Slow

Have you ever been camping before? The first time you go camping from a professional standpoint shouldn’t be by yourself. Camping can be hard and confusing. There are challenges you face when you are camping that shouldn’t be done by yourself the first time. Learn some basics from people who have been camping plenty of times.

Know the Basics

If you are going to be camping along you need to know the basics of camping to survive.

  • Put up a tent.
  • Start a fire.
  • How to find clean water/ bring enough.
  • How to set up your camping site.
  • Basics for dealing with injuries.
  • How to navigate.

Pack appropriate food

Even if you are skilled in fishing and hunting you need to still pack appropriate food for your camping trip. You should bring plenty of non-perishable food with you such as beans, dry goods like cereal, and trail mix. You can bring a cooler with you and bring some special frigerated type snacks on your camping trip too. The more things that remind you of home and convenience will make you feel happier on your camping trip.

Pack Basic Items

When you are going camping there are basic things you need to bring out with you to the campsite.

  • Compass
  • Map/Navigator
  • Pocketknife
  • Cooler
  • Dry foods
  • Firewood
  • Fishing pole

Choose Your Campsite

When you are camping with someone or even alone it is crucial to choose a campsite that is safe. You want to be at a campsite that does have someone on the property that you can contact in case of emergencies such as a ranger. Pick a campsite that is not completely isolated but not so exposed that you can get hurt by surroundings roads or highways.

Know the Rules of the Camping Area

Wherever you are going to go camping at, you will need to check out the rules of that area. Make sure you are following the rules that have set because they are for your safety. The ranger at the office should have all of that information for you. They should also have a map of the area as well so you won’t get lost.

Carry a Map with You

The ranger will have a map of the area for you so you can find your camping site. You need to be prepared when camping. You can look up directions to your destination on Google. You can look up trails, hikes, and campsites. Do your research before you go out on your own.


Have fun and explore while you are camping. Usually, the camping sites have some great lakes and trails. Others have other amenities that you can have fun with. Don’t stay at your campsite the whole time, get out and explore your surroundings.


If you are at a campsite that doesn’t have very many amenities, you may want to pack along some entertainment while you are camping. Books are one of the best things to do to past the time while camping. If you don’t like the way that sounds then how about talking to some of the other people who are out camping. Camping has a lot of down time so do whatever you think will make you have fun.

Emergency Phone/Device

When you are out in the forest camping alone you should definitely bring something along in case of an emergency. An emergency device could be your cell phone, a locator device, or walkie talkie. The more modern device used is the cell phone. Just make sure it is completely charged so you can use it for those emergencies.

See Your Doctor

This tip is optional but something you should strongly consider. You should get a full physical with your doctor before embarking on your camping trip. You don’t want any surprises while out camping on your own. Also, your doctor will be able to make sure you have everything you need in your first aid kit before you embark on your journey.

Don’t Stay Out Too Late

When your camping you need to keep in mind to get back to your campsite before dark. When you are out in the woods it is extremely dark unlike the bright lights from the city. Make sure if you do find yourself wandering around in the dark to bring a flashlight so you can navigate your way back to your campsite.

Check the Weather

You can camp in all types of weather but it is best to know what the weather will be before you embark on your trip.  You can check the weather online before you leave and you can get a very detailed report for every hour during your trip. Make sure to add any supplies you may need based on the weather forecast. If it says it will rain while you are camping then you should most likely pack some rain boots, waterproof socks, and a raincoat.


Solo camping is a great way to connect yourself with nature. It is a great learning experience because it will be all up to you to figure everything out. If you prepare yourself with all of our tips, we have given you then you will be well enough prepared to take on solo camping. Most importantly have fun and soak in every moment when you are camping! It sure is a joy to be able to experience nature in a whole new way.

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