How to Stay Warm in a Tent

How to Stay Warm in A TentCamping can be very cold and it is important that you know how to keep warm while camping before you get deathly ill or in an emergency situation. Our goal is to provide you with enough information that you can turn around and use the info we have taught you right away. In this article, we will be giving you important tips on how to stay warm in a tent.

You Need to Layer Up

Before the temperature even drops you need to have multiple layers on. Once you are already cold it is almost pointless to put extra layers on because your body temperature will already be low. Remember when you already have a lot of layers you can always take off a layer or two if you get to hot; its just harder to layer up once you are already cold.

Keep Clothes Dry

This tip goes along with the first tip. You need to keep your clothes as dry as possible. If something gets wet or even sweaty you need to change that piece of clothing into something dry. Moisture on your skin can take heat away from your body. Make sure to pack extra clothing in case anything gets wet, that way you always have dry clothing.

Use A Good Quality Sleeping Bag

You don’t want to go camping with a cheap flimsy sleeping bag. You need to get a rated sleeping bag for the season you are camping in. Since we are talking about how to stay warm in your tent, you will need a well-made warm sleeping bag with a rating of three. You want your sleeping bag to make you look like your wrapped up like a mummy; those types are the best-insulated sleeping bags. This is key to staying warm in your tent.

Try Out A Tent Heater

Tent heaters are a great invention that will warm up your tent very quickly. They come in all different price ranges and they are specifically made for tents. You don’t want to run the heaters at night when you are sleeping. You need to turn them on to warm up your tent before you go to bed. Once your tent is warm you can turn the heater off and snuggle under your sleeping bag to go to sleep.

Make Layers on The Floor Of Your Tent

Camping Tent in Cold WeatherIt is important to make a layer between yourself and the floor of your tent. you want to insulate yourself of the ground. One way to do this is by sleeping on mats. There are specially made products called sleeping mats that you can buy but there are some other things that will work that you may never have thought of.

Yoga mats are the perfect thickness to lay down on the bottom of your tent. I suggest bringing two at the least to make two layers of protection from the ground. Definitely, you should still bring your sleeping bag and place that on top of the mats. Also, still bring plenty of blankets to sleep with as well to keep you warm.

Eat A Big Dinner

Eating dinner will actually keep you warm. When you eat you are actually fueling your metabolism to keep burning as much as possible. So, before you plan on going to bed eat a big dinner. If you’re not ready to go to bed eat a snack before. It is important that when you are out camping and going on big hikes that you eat around 6,000 calories a day. You need meals high in fat and high in protein. This will be the best fuel to keep you warm and to sustain you.

Stay Hydrated

When you are out in cold weather, it is hard to notice if you are thirsty. It is actually extremely easy to get dehydrated in the winter. Make sure that you bring plenty of water with you on your camping trip. If you do not have enough water, remember you can always boil water to clean it. There are also filter on the market that you can buy to drink water that you find outside.

Try Heated Gear

Heated gear is seriously a lifesaver! Heated socks are one of my favorite products to use in the winter. I absolutely hate it when my feet are cold so I bought a pair of heated socks. They have rechargeable batteries and will heat the socks whether you are in your sleeping bag or in your shoes.

Heated jackets are another great product that can be used outside while hiking and even inside your tent. They will heat up the core of your body and promote blood flow. They are very affordable and last a really long time.

Just Go Pee

Holding in your urine during the night is not only dangerous to your health but holding it in actually uses up energy. When you use energy that burns heat off. Now I know it will be so cold to leave your tent to go outside to use the bathroom. Use the “yellow” water bottle method. If you have an empty water bottle go ahead and urinate in that, that way you do not need to leave the warm comforts of your tent. Just don’t hold it in.

Warm Up the Sleeping Bag with A Hot Water Bottle

If you are boiling some water to drink or to cook, I suggest bringing along a stainless-steel water bottle to fill up with hot water. This is great to put inside your sleeping bag because it will radiate off heat to you at night while you are sleeping. Putting it next to the core of your body or down by your heat will really keep you warm. This will also promote blood flow while you are sleeping.

Bring an Emergency blanket

It’s always a good option on any type of camping trip to bring an emergency or survival blanket. They have many uses; one of the most important is the fact that they will reflect your own body heat back towards you. This will keep you from losing any heat. There are also helpful in an emergency situation and can be used as a signal for people to find you from above. Check out the best survival blankets here.

Get A Smaller Tent

If you bring to big of a tent with you while camping it will be much harder to heat up and keep warm. Get a smaller tent that will just fit the number of people with you while camping. A smaller tighter space keeps body warmth better. Try to insulate the inside of your tent as well.

Tent Site Selection

Cold Weather Camping Tent TipsFinding the proper campsite can contribute to your warmth as well. Try to avoid setting up your tent near bodies of water because water creates a cooler climate. If it is windy try to find a place where wind can be blocked by something like a tree or rock formation. Avoid low lying areas because cold air falls down into them. Higher ground is better but it can also be windier the higher you get.

Cuddle with Someone

Body heat is a great conductor so if you have someone camping with you that do not mind to cuddle with you than invite them into your sleeping bag. Shared body heat can radiate even with layers of clothing on. Hey, this is a great tip and a great way to share a sleeping bag with your girlfriend.

Wear A Knit Hat to Keep Your Head Warm While Sleeping

Wearing a knit hat is a great way to trap in body heat. Forty to fifty percent of heat is lost through your head. So just by wearing some sort of hat, (knit is the best) it will keep that heat trapped in and not lost. You don’t want to just put your head under your sleeping bag because that will not be safe but it also creates condensation that will actually make you cooler throughout the night.

Heat Up Some Rocks

Have you ever heard of heating up rocks to keep warm? Find some good size rocks that just weigh a few pounds. Put them either in your fire or you can boil them. After they get very hot pull them out and let them cool slightly. After that wrap them in a towel and you can put them in different spots in your sleeping bag. They are good for the bottom of the tent and even on the sides of your body. They will radiate a lot of heat throughout the night.

Use A Disposable Heat Pack

Products like hot hands can come in handy when on a camping trip. Not only can they be used for different purposes, but the main one is to help keep you warm. You can activate a few when you are going to bed and place them in different areas in your sleeping bag to keep warm. I always like to put a hot hands pack inside my shoes. The great thing about these disposable heating packs is that they last over eight hours generating heat.

Bring Extra Blankets

Don’t think that just because you are bringing a sleeping bag that you don’t need blankets. You still need to bring some warm blankets. You should also bring extra as well because they can be used to keep you warm inside the sleeping bag as well as outside. You can also use blankets to line your tent to keep you warm.

Wipe Any Snow or Condensation Off The Tent

Before you turn in to go to sleep you need to brush the outside of the tent off. If you are camping where it has been snowing, I suggest removing snow from the tent. This will actually help keep your tent warmer. The outside material will warm up without the snow being on top of the tent cooling it down.

Do A Quick Exercise Before Bed

Exercise helps promote blood flow throughout your body. Just doing a few jumping jacks or even a quick run will get your heart pumping. You don’t want to do to much or you will start sweating and when you sweat, that cools you off so we don’t want that. Just do a few minutes of exercise to get the blood pumping to generate heat.


Winter camping is so much fun and you shouldn’t let the cold deter you from doing all the fun things there are when you are camping. It can be tough to stay warm when camping but if you follow my tips on how to stay warm in your tent you will do great. Remember your health is the most important so please take these tips seriously.

Did you enjoy this article or have more tips for me? Please write to me down below so I can talk to you. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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