How To Keep Your Feet Warm

How To Keep Your Feet WarmTrying to keep your feet warm in the winter can be a very challenging thing.  A lot of people are scared to do winter activities outside because of the extreme cold weather.  The problem is, people don’t have the tips on how to keep their feet warm during the winter weather. So, I have formulated all the tips you need to know before bracing the cold.

Feet Need to Stay Dry

This may seem like common sense but most people don’t realize that you have to keep your feet dry to stay warm. Your feet will still sweat even when it is cold outside. The best way to prevent your socks from getting wet with sweat, is you need to wear sweat-wicking socks. Wool and polypropylene are the best fabrics to wick away sweat.

Start Out Warm

Start by building layers on your whole body. Your feet aren’t going to stay warm if the rest of your body isn’t. always make sure your core is warm and then you can work on the other body parts.

Make sure you have at least two layers of clothing on your body. If you are still cold, I suggest investing in some heated jackets they will get your upper body toasty from the heat of a battery.

Wear Two Layers of Socks

One of the best ways to keep warm is two wear two layers of socks. So, you would wear one thinner sock such as the polypropylene material and then wear a wool material on top of that sock. This method works best if you are out walking in the winter.

Make sure the two pairs of socks aren’t too thick for your shoes. If your sock is too thick in your show it can actually cut off circulation in your feet which is what helps them keep warm.

If you are still cold from your socks, I suggest getting a pair of heated socks. Heated socks are relatively inexpensive and heat your heat up with the power of a battery. Many hunters and skiers love heated socks and won’t leave the house in the winter without them.

Toe Warmers

Toe warmers are an easy way to keep your feet warm in the winter. You can find toe warmers in a lot of stores, especially around winter time. Toe warmers are a single insert that you put inside the shoe.

You can put them under your toes or on top of them to generate heat. As soon as you open them, they start working. It generates heat for around six hours. They are great for all shoe types.

Upgrade Your Insoles

Some shoes come with insoles that are thinner than others. Standing still on a cold surface will keep your feet cold so you need to have a thick pair of insoles in your shoes to keep the warmth in more. Not only will you get extra warmth when you add an additional insole but you will also get extra comfort and feel more comfortable.

Go Waterproof

If you are planning on doing a winter activity that involves water you should bring a pair of waterproof socks with you. These socks are great for hiking, walking, or even biking around. One of the worst things is getting your socks wet and becoming freezing. Waterproof socks have an antibacterial lining to reduce the smell when they get wet.

Wear Proper Footwear

Shoes play an important role in keeping your feet warm. If you wearing flip flops in the winter then obviously your feet are going to get cold. So what shoes are the best for the winter?

If you are going to be out in the cold for hours, you should get a good bear of breathable boots. They need to be breathable so your feet can breathe and release sweat that they are producing. If you just going to be outside for a little while it is okay to wear tennis shoes but make sure you have a great pair of socks to keep your feet warm with those shoes.

Don’t Clench Your Toes

When you clench your toes or any part of your body for that matter, that restricts the blood flow in your body. When your feet are already cold you need to keep the blood flow going so instead of clenching the toes, move your feet back and forth. This will keep the blood flow moving down to your feet.

No Caffeine

Studies have shown when you drink caffeinated beverages, they limit your blood flow. If you want to stay warm you need your blood flow to be continuously pumping. When you drink a coffee or soda you are restricting that blood flow. So, keep that in mind before you are about to do a winter activity outside.

Take a Break from The Cold

The best way to keep your feet warm is to take a break from the cold weather. If it’s too cold outside, why don’t you change your plans and sit by the fire to get warm? Nothing is better than curling up on the couch with a good book, by the fire. Relax, enjoy, and keep warm.


Now you know why it is so important to keep your feet warm and exactly how to do that. I hope you take all these tips and really use them because they will make a huge difference for your feet in the winter. If you have any other tips for us, please leave them down below. Enjoy the cold weather, just be smart about it!


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