Direct Action Ghost Review

The Direct Action Ghost backpack is actually classified as a tactical backpack that is usually used by military and law enforcement personals. Even if you are non-military or law enforcement, you can still find tremendous uses for this backpack such as camping, hunting, hiking, and so much more.

Let’s dive deeper into this Direct Action Ghost review. We will Talk about all the features, specs, and just why you should get yourself one of these tactical backpacks.

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Made From 100% Cordura Fabric

The tactical ghost backpack made by the company Direct Action is made from 100% Cordura Fabric. This is a very strong fabric that can withstand harsh weather, water, and it is all known to be tear resistant. The fabric is then finished with a coat of DWR, which stands for durable water repellant. This is what helps the backpack to be water resistant as well as weather resistant, such as rain and snow.

This fabric is also designed for heavy duty use. The fabric is meant to withstand rough terrain and aggressive use. So do not worry about the bag out in the woods during your camping or hunting trip.

Slim Look

This backpack can hold a lot of stuff. As you may already know, this is a three day backpack. Traditionally when you put this much stuff into a bookbag, it gets very bulgy and heavy.  This is not the case with this bag. It can be filled all the way to the brim, and it will still have a long slim look.

Also, even when this backpack is filled all the way, it still feels lightweight compared to other brands of tactical backpacks. The design of the shoulder straps really helps to hold some of the weight of the overall backpacks and relieves it off your shoulders.

Storage Compartments

One thing you will notice right away about this backpack is that there are plenty of pockets. Let me correct that, there is an abundance of pockets. This backpack can hold a lot of different things; in fact, this tactical backpack can hold up to 31 litters.

This bag includes side pockets, a detachable external pocket, a main pocket, as well as multiple smaller pockets throughout the entire bag. I’m going to talk a little about each pocket.

Side Pockets – On each side of the bag, you will find side pockets that can actually grow in size, depending on what you put in there. These side pockets are perfect for water bottles or canteens. There is a zipper and compression strap that will help you adjust the size bigger or smaller.

Detachable Pocket – The Direct Action Ghost backpack is very unique because it has this detachable pouch pocket that can hold up to 3.5 liters of stuff. This is nice and portable and can be taken on smaller excursions. There is a multi-pocket organizer on the inside to store smaller items such as a flashlight, matches, survival lighter, or even a phone. There is also a bigger pocket that can carry bigger items such as maps, food, or whatever else you have that you may need to bring with you.

Main Backpack Compartment – The inside of the backpack comes with a ton of room to store all sorts of things from clothing, food, to even hunting supplies. There is a connected mesh zipper pouch that holds smaller items that you don’t want to get lost at the bottom of the bag. This main compartment can hold up to 28 liters.


Other types of tactical backpacks have thin shoulder straps that just make the entire experience wearing the bag uncomfortable. Luckily this Direct Action Ghost backpack has great comfortability.

Vent System – The patented vent system that is located on the backside of the backpack. This venting system provides the person wearing the backpack more air to your back.

Hip Belt – The hip belts job is to help support the weight of the book bag as well as to keep the pressure off your back. The belt has the same patented breathability, too, so you will get good airflow through it. It can also be detached from the backpack if you do not wish to use it.

Padded Shoulder Straps – The straps that are mainly used with this bookbag are completely padded. The straps also have that breathable mesh. When the straps are adjusted properly, it will help to take the strain off your shoulders.


Functionality is very important when it comes to a tactical or even survival backpack. You can use this backpack for many things; some include camping trips, hunting, fishing, hiking, survival adventures, and so much more.

Bottom Outflow – This is a really unique and special feature; this is a small metal insert hole that allows unwanted water to escape through it. If your bag gets wet in an extreme downpour and water gets inside the backpack, it will have a place to escape. This is also great if you are carrying anything liquid, and somehow it spills inside your bookbag.

Carry Handle – The convenient carrying handle will make it easy to carry from place to place when you aren’t carrying the bag on your shoulders. There is a D-ring  attachment right next to the handlebar as well.

D-Rings – There are multiple areas within the entire bag that has d-rings that can be used. These can be used to attach anything you want.

Bottom Buckles – There are buckles conveniently located throughout the bookbag, but the ones I want to point out are at the bottom near the bottom outflow. These buckles were designed to be attached to a sleeping bag. You can easily clip it on and be on your way during your adventure.

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  • This backpack is made from 500D 100% Cordura fabric.
  • The closure is made from a simple zipper design.
  • Velcro section on the front of the backpack that can have an ID, or some other card attached to it.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps that have a 15-inch shoulder drop.
  • Newly designed side pocked that are stretch to fit different size canteens or water bottles.
  • The backpack has a patented ventilation system that will provide better comfort to the user when carrying the backpack.
  • There is a detachable organizer that can come off for a more lightweight carry.
  • Water and weather resistant material that can be used outside in all weathers.


Q: What Colors Does the Direct Action Ghost Backpack Come In?

A: There are so many different color options to choose from when it comes to this backpack. There are nine different color options to choose from, such as black, woodland, urban grey, coyote brown, shadow grey, polish woodland, multicamo, olive green, and last but not least, pencott wildwood.

Q: How Much Stuff Can You Fit Inside the Ghost Backpack?

A: This bag is traditionally designed for only a three day trip out into the wilderness or wherever you are going. It will accommodate a lot of stuff as it will hold over 28 liters of stuff in the main bag and 3.5 liters in the smaller detachable bag.

There are also a lot of different pockets and storage compartments inside the bag so you can easily stuff and fit a lot of different things inside the bag.

Q: Is The Ghost Direct Action Backpack Waterproof or Water Resistant?

A: Actually yes, the Ghost Direct Action backpack is coated with a water-resistant material that will hold off some light rain and wet weather. If you get caught in a downpour, the material of the backpack will get wet, but there is a convenient outflow hole that will escape any unwanted water from the inside.

In Conclusion

Overall, this is one of the best tactical bags on the market. It is one of the best products that you can purchase from the Direct Action brand. It offers so many features and uses. I hope this Direct Action Ghost review helped you make your final decision on purchasing this product or not.

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