Best Survival Canteens

One of the most important things when dealing with a survival situation is staying well hydrated. Without water, you will not survive very long. One way to ensure that you have water available is by using one of the best survival canteens.

You can store water inside the canteen as well as boil new water when you find some. This is a simple life saving tool you should have with you. Please take a look below at our best survival canteen reviews below.

Top 3 Best Survival Canteens

Goetland Stainless Steel WWII US Military Canteen Kit

Top Pick
Rothco 3 Piece Canteen Kit

Budget Pick
Nalgene Stainless Bottle

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Survival Canteen Reviews

Goetland Stainless Steel WWII US Military Canteen Kit

This is a very strong, durable stainless steel that has been passed with food grade standards. The canteen set has a very old look even though it is new. It has the retro look as if it was from WWII. This is the perfect survival canteen for any survival situation.

The cover of the canteen is made of a nylon material that fits nicely over the canteen. The handles can fold down, and they are very easy to grab. The set comes with a 1.25 quart and a 0.6 quart. The canteen holds a lot of liquid and can conveniently be hooked onto a backpack.

  • The style of this canteen set has a WWII feel
  • The canteens are made from a durable food-grade safe stainless steel.
  • Made to last a long time.
  • The handle is an easy grab foldable style.

Overall, this is a very affordable and one of the best survival canteens you can buy. From the overall design to the stainless-steel quality, you will want to have this on your next trip.

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Rothco 3 Piece Canteen Kit

This is a three-piece military issue canteen set that comes with a G.I. style plastic canteen, aluminum cup, and cover that has felt lined on the inside. The plastic that the canteen is made out of does not contain any BPA, and it has been ISO certified. This canteen will hold one liter of liquid.

The canteen’s lid is attached to the bottle so you will not lose it, and when it screws down tightly, it doesn’t cross over threads, which is good. The set also comes with clips that makes it easy to attach to a belt buckle or even on a backpack.

The aluminum cup has butterfly handles that make it very easy to grasp and hold onto. The cup will fit right under the canteen for easy storage when not in use. The cover fits right over the canteen and has a snap closure that will keep the cover onto the canteen.

  • This is a military issued plastic canteen that comes with an aluminum cup and felt lined cover.
  • The cup has a butterfly handle that makes it easy to hold and can hold 24 ounces of liquid.
  • The canteen is ISO certified and BPA free plastic.
  • Two different color options to choose from olive drab or black.

If you’re not looking for a plastic option, then you can choose any of the stainless-steel options above. Since the canteen is made out of plastic, it significantly lowers the price to make it one of the most affordable options in our best survival canteen review.

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Nalgene Stainless Bottle

This is one of our more unique survival canteen options. This is a tall stainless-steel canteen that will hold 38 ounces of liquid. #8 ounces equals a little more than a liter of liquid. This stainless-steel canteen is not insulated, so you can still put it over an open flame to boil water before drinking.

The big mouth design of this canteen can easily fill up quickly. The lid is plastic and has a rope loop attached to it, so when the lid is unscrewed, it will not fall off. The lid is made of plastic and screws down tightly to make sure the canteen will not leak out what it’s holding.

  • Made from a strong stainless steel.
  • This canteen can hold 38 ounces of liquid.
  • A rope loop attaches the lid so that you won’t lose it.
  • Very big size to hold a lot of water.

We like this product because it can be used in everyday situations, not just survival. The design is simple enough that this can act as your regular water bottle for work, play, and survival. This survival canteen’s big mouth opening will make it easier to clean if you have decided to put hot soup inside instead of water.

Overall, this is one of the more expensive options to choose from on our best survival canteen review, but you can essentially use this every day. The stainless-steel material is not insulated, so you can put it on an open fire if you want.

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TargetEvo Stainless Steel Military Canteen

This canteen made by TargetEvo is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a strong material that will withstand many years of use. The canteen will hold one quart of liquid or whatever you so desire. There is also a cup included that will hold half a quart.

There is a convenient nylon carrying pouch that is easy to carry as well as it has some buttons that help hold the nylon onto the canteen. The material is stitched together very strong, and it will hold up for many uses.

The mouth is quite large, making it easy to fill with water or whatever you are putting inside it. There is a screw-on tight lid that will keep liquid from escaping out. The metal chain can be used to hold on to or even clipped onto something.

  • Made from 304 stainless steel that is sturdy and durable.
  • There is a ring in the cap of the canteen, which makes it easy to carry around.
  • The canteen can be used for direct or even indirect heating.
  • The bag that is also used as a cover is made from a nylon material with button buckles to keep it closed to the canteen.

This is one of the more expensive options, but it is made of very high quality. The cover has a button closure, which makes it stay on. That is a feature that I really do like. The canteen is very lightweight, only weighing 2.1 pounds. Overall, this is another great option for the best survival canteen.

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Pinty G.I. Army Stainless Steel Canteen

This canteen set made by the company Pinty is an issued army military-grade stainless steel product. The stainless steel is very strong and heavy-duty, meaning it will not get ruined in even the harshest weather. The canteen comes with a cover and a belt. The belt can be attached to yourself, backpack, or whatever you want to attach it to.

The stainless-steel cup that comes with the product can fit perfectly under the canteen. The cup has convenient handles that you can hold, and you can even put the cup in direct and indirect heat. You can boil water or even cook food inside the cup.

  • Made from a heavy-duty strong stainless steel.
  • Meant to last in harsh conditions such as temperature or weather.
  • The cover of the canteen coves with an easy to attach the belt.
  • The canteen also comes with a cup that can easily fit to the bottom of the canteen when not in use.
  • The cap ensures that it is 100% drip or leak free.
  • Largemouth design to get water in quickly.

The canteen can hold one quart of liquid, and the wide mouth allows you to fill up the canteen easily and fast. This canteen’s lid has a screw on top and a metal loop that connects the lid to the canteen so it won’t get lost. This product is another option for the best survival canteen. This product is priced right around the same as the other products.

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BeGrit Outdoor Kettle Canteen Aluminum Cup Kit

Here we have one of our budget-friendly survival canteen options. This canteen is made of a very thick and durable plastic. The cap has a watertight screw-on method, and the other end is still connected to the canteen so you will not lose the cap to the canteen.

Another unique feature about this kit comes with a fork and spoon combo that can be folded and stored easily. There is a locking mechanism on the spork that will prevent it from closing while you are trying to use it.

There is a cover that can be used around the canteen, and it even has clips that can be attached to a backpack or even a belt. The price is very reasonable, and it will make a great addition to your survival kit.

  • This canteen has a flip-top lid closure.
  • The canteen cup has handles, and it can be put right onto the fire for boiling.
  • The canteen and cup comes with a cover and also a foldable spork that can be used as both a spoon and fork.
  • There are small storage pockets located on the cover.
  • Very affordable budget friendly option.

My favorite part about this survival canteen product is the spoon fork combo that comes with the product. It fits easily into a survival backpack or on a loop of a belt. It can be used for cooking, boiling water, and so much more.

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Best Survival Canteen

How to Choose the Best Survival Canteen

Below you will come across our buying guide. In this section, we talk about the features and specs of survival canteens in general. The goal is to help you narrow down the best survival canteens in our review down to your number one pick.

Water Capacity

This is one of the first major things you should consider when purchasing a survival canteen. Water is essential when camping, hiking, hunting, etc. You want a canteen that will hold an adequate amount of water.

Larger canteens will obviously hold more water. You need to be prepared for the worst, especially if you cannot find a water source while you are outside. We need at least two quarts of water a day just to keep us going, so most likely, you will have a one-quart canteen that will need to be filled twice to sustain yourself.

You can purchase a bigger canteen, but it will be heavier to carry around. The decision is up to you, but you will ultimately need to be prepared with the knowledge of how you will refill your canteen.


Weight goes hand in hand with the water capacity. While it may be nice to carry a larger canteen that will hold more water, it can be heavy and bulky to carry around. That is why most people go with the one-quart option because it is much lighter than other bigger canteens.

When shopping around in our reviews, look at the canteen’s weight to see if it is something you will be able to manage comfortably. Most of the products we have reviewed are lightweight.


There are a few different types of materials that survival canteens are made of. You have the option of choosing a metal stainless steel option or a plastic BPA free one.

Most people like to get the stainless-steel option because they can use it to boil water found out in the wilderness. You can even use the stainless-steel cup to cook food on, and it can be placed right onto your fire.

The plastic options do not have the option to boil water, but they usually come with a metal or aluminum cup that will allow you to do this. The choice is truly yours, and what you prefer. The stainless-steel option is very versatile in a true survival situation.

Carrying Options

The biggest difference in a regular water bottle and a survival canteen is usually the survival canteens have a carrying device that comes with it. This can be in the form of clips or even a belt that you can wear. This will sort of take the load off of you by having a way to carry your canteen, not in your hands.


The mouth of the canteen is where you put the water in. Most canteens have a good size mouth that allows water to go inside of it faster and easier. The lid is also important because you want it to be secure and tight; that way, it won’t leak when it is closed.


Price is the final factor that should be considered before you make a purchase. Everything is determined by price, and it is important that you set a budget for how much you want to spend. I have reviewed both inexpensive and expensive options with a lot of prices in between. Overall, survival canteens are quite affordable.

Survival Canteen FAQ

Below you will find common questions and answers about all thing’s survival canteens.

Q: How to Use Canteen to Cook?

A: You typically wouldn’t put the canteen right onto the fire to cook something since the mouth isn’t big enough for food, but the cup that is included with most canteens can go onto the fire if it is made from a metal. The metal canteen cups can be placed on an open flame, and you can boil water inside it to boil food.

Q: What is the Best Survival Canteen?

A: We do like all of the products we have reviewed about, but if we had to pick one, we would choose the Goetland Stainless Steel WWII US Military Canteen Kit. This kit has a very retro style that is very popular among survivalists to give them that overall look.

I really like that it is made from a food-grade stainless steel material, which means it is safe for drink and food. You can put the cup onto the fire to cook or even boil water. It’s very affordable and perfect for all survival situations.

Q: How to Fill a Canteen?

A: First, you will need to find some sort of water source nearby. This can be from a water pump, pond, or even a stream of water. Remember that the water will need to be cleaned before it is consumed. You can clean the water by boiling it or purchasing the water cleaning tablets used for medical purposes.

To fill the canteen in a water pump, you will need to hold the mouth under where the water will pump out. In a pond, you will have to submerge the canteen to fill it up most likely. A shallow stream may be the hardest way to fill up the canteen, but you will have to wait a while for the canteen to fill up.

Q: How to Clean a Metal Canteen?

A: Cleaning the inside of a canteen can be particularly hard when it is not brand new. If you have found an old canteen are you are trying to clean it up to a drinkable status, there are a few things you can try.

If the canteen is super old, you can try a vinegar bath or even a bleach soap and scrub out old particles from the canteen. Remember, if you use harsh chemicals such as bleach to rinse it before using it, that chemical thoroughly is very harmful.

Q: When was the Canteen Invented?

A: Canteens have a very long history and have been used for over 200 years. The first canteens were used in the 1800s by soldiers, hikers, campers, and anybody who wanted on. They were first connected by a shoulder strap, and then eventually, they were made with clips to fasten onto a belt. It wasn’t until the 1900s that the canteens started to be made with metals as we see them today.

Q: How do You Boil Water in a Survival Canteen?

A: All you have to do to boil water in your canteen is to put it over an open flame. If you have a portable camping burner, you could use that too, but if all you have is a fire, that will work. You can start your fire with a survival lighter. People usually use the cup provided and put water from the canteen into that to boil it too.


You definitely need to have one of the best survival canteens with you on your next survival adventure, whether that is camping, hiking, or even hunting. I hope that you have found this article very informative and helpful in picking out the best survival canteen for you. Let us know which one you choose.

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