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Across the world, temperatures decrease rapidly in the winter. When the weather takes a turn for the worst you are going to need some strongly heated clothing to keep you warm. One of the best ways is to wear a heated vest.

We have comprised a review of the best heated vests out on the market right now. This review will help you choose the best heated vest for you to wear during the cold winter months. It will provide you with heat and warmth during all your winter activities.

Top 3 Best Heated Vests

ororo Women’s Lightweight Heated Vest

Best Women’s Heated Vest
Prosmart Heated Vest Polar Fleece

Best Unisex Heated Vest
ARRIS Heated Vest Size Adjustable

Runner up

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Heated Vest Reviews

ororo Women’s Lightweight Heated Vest

This is the best heated vest for women. The Ororo brand makes great quality products that provide great warmth throughout the vest. This vest is so popular among women because it is specially made for a women’s figure. The vest is lightweight and padded with insulated fibers to keep the heat inside. It has multiple heat setting that will provide you with long lasting heat while you are doing your favorite winter activities.

Heating All Over the Torso

The heating element in the Ororo brand has been updated to give you more heat in the vest. The heating area starts across the right and left sides of your body. It also heats the collar area to heat your neck and has a back-heating area to keep your back warm. The filling inside the vest is designed to keep all the heat that is being generated in the vest to keep you warm longer.

Perfect for All Activities

This jacket is lightweight but also still stylish. It doesn’t restrict your movement which is important because you want to be able to move easily when wearing vests or even jackets. This vest is great for all different type of activities such as going on a hike, walking the dog on a cold day, watching a football game and even going on a skiing trip with your friends.


Some heated vests have to be spot cleaned or hand washed but not this heated vest. It has been tested with over 50 cycles in a washing machine. All you have to do is remove your battery and wash on a cold-water setting.


  • It doesn’t restrict movement.
  • Lightweight material.
  • Heats across the sides of your torso, back, and collar.
  • Perfect for any winter activity.
  • 3hrs on high, 6hrs on medium, and 10hrs on low.


  • Sizes run smaller, size up when buying.


This vest is the best heated vest for women because of how the vest fits your body, the amazing heat it gives off, and how versatile the vest is to let you body move with the vest. The price point of the vest is very budget friendly. The vest will keep you extremely warm while doing all the winter activities you love to do. Enjoy the vest by itself or under a heated jacket.

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Prosmart Heated Vest Polar Fleece Unisex

Prosmart is our choice for the best unisex heated vest on the market. The fleece material makes the vest extremely soft and also compact when you need to store it. The vest comes with two heating zones to generate heat which are placed on the upper back and lower back. If you’re not looking to spend a fortune on a heated vest then you will love this vest because it is very budget friendly.

Soft Fleece Material

This vest is made with the soft to the touch fleece material. I always love a good fleece vest so when I found this option, I was very pleased. Not only will this vest leave you feeling comfy cozy but it will also keep the heat it generates trapped in the vest

Powerbank Battery

The Prosmart heated vest comes with a very special powerbank battery. It is a special battery pack that comes with USB ports. If you are outside and your phone starts to die you can plug it in with your cable right into your powerbank. This will charge your phone for you, but it will use your battery faster.

Battery Life

The battery on this vest should last between four and a half hours to twelve hours. Depending on what heat setting you have your vest set to, will determine how long the battery power will last on a single charge. Typically, if you have your vest on the lowest setting it should last twelve hours, which is an amazing amount of time to keep warm. Remember if you are warm enough you can always turn the vest off and turn it back on later when you start to feel cold again.


  • Heat generated in the upper back and lower back.
  • Can be used on high, medium, or low heat setting.
  • Unisex style of heated vest.
  • Soft fleece material for extra comfort.
  • Machine washable.
  • Up to twelve hours of battery life.
  • Very budget friendly price.


  • Only two warming spots, would be nice to have one on the front chest.
  • Sizes run a bit small, best to size up.


This is the best option for a unisex heated vest. It has that super soft fleece material which is a great bonus. It is very budget friendly so you won’t have to pay a lot of money to get a good quality heated vest. There are only two warming zones and we do wish they put more into the vest. Overall, it’s a good quality vest for the price.

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ARRIS Heated Vest Size Adjustable 7.4V Battery Electric Warm Vest

This insulated vest will give out some great warmth. It comes with a 7.4-volt battery that will generate more heat and last longer on charges. The insulated material will keep the heat in longer make you more comfortable during your outdoor activities. It has fives zones of heat they will heat up your entire core. This heated vest is an extremely good option to consider.

Size Adjustable / Suitable for All Outdoor Activities

This vest is a one size fits all. It can be adjusted very easily by unzipping the zippers under each arm. Then you will replace the panels to adjust to your size. Men, women, and even older children can use it by adjusting the vest to their size. This vest will keep you warm during many many winter activities such as, camping, hiking, fishing, etc.

Safety Shut Off Feature

There is a built-in protection mode that will shut off the vest if it gets overheated. It will return the vest to its standard temperature. You won’t have to worry about a shortage and then a fire starting.

Five Panels of Heat

This vest comes with five panels of heat which are more than some of the other vests we have talked about. Both front pockets provide heat, two back patches near the kidneys, and one bigger patch at the top of the back near the shoulder blades. Not only will the vest give you great heat but it will really warm up your core.


  • Up to seven hours of battery power.
  • Five heating levels.
  • Built in safety shut off feature.
  • Five heating zones.


  • Unisex design and one size fits all.


This vest is priced higher than some of the others but when you factor in the 7.4-volt battery you will see why this vest is such a great deal. The 7.4-volt battery will last longer and will have a hotter heat generated from it. It comes in a unisex design and is size adjustable so everyone can wear this vest and still be comfortable.

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NORA TWIPS Men’s Heated Vest Polar Fleece

When the winter weather drops you want to have a reliable vest to be able to put on to keep you warm. The Nora Twips heated vest has a very simple unisex design that can be the perfect gift for any family member. It comes with a rechargeable battery that will heat your vest for six hours.

Blood Circulation

This heated vest, like most, is great for people who need to keep their blood circulating in the cold winter weather. The heat that the vest generates will warm up the core of your body and will get the blood pumping. It is great for anyone who sore muscles as well because it will help sooth them.

Front and Back Heating

This vest heats in the front and the back.  The chest on the front has a big heating pad and the top middle of the back has a big rectangle heating pad. This will help warm up the core of your body. It heats up very quickly and gives out great heat on the medium setting, we didn’t have to switch it to high.


  • Made of three layers- Fabric exterior, inside heating layer, and the soft fleece lining.
  • Waterproof shell fabric.
  • Three heating elements – upper back heating, left side of the chest, and the right side of the chest.
  • Button on the chest to change heating settings inside the vest.
  • Very affordable.


  • Runs a little snug on size so if you want more space get a size up.


This vest is very affordable. It has a soft fleece material that makes you feel very cozy. The vest heats up very fast and can be used on the medium setting, and it actually gets very hot on that setting. You can use the USB port to even charge your phone which is very useful. This vest comes in a unisex design and looks good on men and women.

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Volt Rechargeable Heated Vest

The Volt brand is a leading company in all things heated gear and they really put a lot of quality into the stuff they create.  It is no different when it comes to this heated vest. This soft fleece heated vest has almost double the battery life than the other brands. This will allow you to stay out in the cold longer without being freezing. The price point is higher than the other brands but you have to keep in mind you are paying for the quality.

Zero Layer Heat System

This patented technology helps transfer heat from the heating pads to your body’s core. When it does this it will make you feel overall warmer then if you were wearing a different brand of heated vest. The heating regions are on both sides of your chest and in the back between your shoulder blades.

Longer Battery Run Time

The batteries from volt surpass the batteries of the other heated vests we have reviewed. The run time on the battery is almost double than the other leading brands. You can run the vest on low for fourteen hours and on the highest setting for over five hours.

Quick Chargehg

This vest charges more quickly than other brands of heated vests. The charging time should only take four hours at the most. Other brands usually take around seven to eight hours to completely charge. I don’t know about you but I am not waiting that long for a vest to charge.


  • 4 panel heat system.
  • Made of fleece material.
  • Perfect for any occasion outdoor or indoor.
  • Unisex design.
  • Patented zero-layer heating system – heats your body’s core up.
  • Extend battery run time.


  • I personally did not find a con when reviewing this heated vest.


This vest will not only keep you warm for hours but will provide you with great comfort from the warm fleece material. With the quick charging time you will be ready to use your vest in no time. The price is a little higher than other brands but the quality surpasses everyone else.

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ATATAKAI USB Charging Electric Heated Body Warmer Down Vest

Don’t stress over the cold when you can wear the Atatakai’s brand of heated vest. This vest is made of a super soft down material that has combined with carbon fiber technology to keep you warm. This vest is great for all sorts of winter activities.

Major Warming zones

This heated vest has five warming zones on the torso, that is far more than the other vests we have reviewed. You will get two warming zones on the waist, one on the left side and one on the right. It has two warming zones in the flank area, one on the left and the right. The last warming spot is in the middle of the back by the kidneys.

One Size Fits All

This vest is really unique in the sizing area. One size vest fits everyone. From size small to extra extra large. You can actually adjust the waist size and the length to fit you perfectly. This vest is great as a standalone vest or even under a jacket.


  • One size fits all – adjustable length and waist size.
  • Five warming zones – right waist, left waist, left flank zone, right flank zone, and the middle of the back.
  • Machine washable material.


  • Does not come with a powerbank.


This vest gives out a lot of heat once you have it all set up. The vest does not come with a powerbank so when you are ready to use it you will need to get a powerbank first before using. The price point is fair and comparable to the other vests we have reviewed. The one size fits all, is a very nice feature.

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Vinmori Heated Vest

Are you looking for a cheap budget friendly vest? Then you have come to the right review. This vest comes at an affordable price with five different heat settings starting at pre-heat to very high heat. It is a washable vest and great for people with blood circulation issues.

Waterproof Element

The heating elements in the vest have a waterproof material so you can indeed put it into the washer machine. It also comes with a laundry bag which you can put the vest inside of the bag and throw it into the washer. It will prevent damage of the usb cord.

Blood Circulation

Heat promotes blood circulation which is a very important feature if you have issues with blood flow. When you apply heat to a part of your body you also will relieve pain in your joints and muscles. This is a great gift for a family member who has joint pain issues.


  • Three second fast heat.
  • Five levels of heat – starting from pre-heat to very high heat.
  • One size fits all starting at large going up to XXL.
  • Unisex design for men and women.
  • Machine washable.
  • Helps to promote blood circulation.


  • Does not come with a powerbank or a battery.
  • Sizing starts at large.


This vest is one of the cheapest ones that we have reviewed. You have to keep in mind even though it has a cheaper price point, you will not be getting a battery or a power bank with this heated vest. It does have exceptional heat once you get all the necessary things to use it. It is great for people with medical issues such as blood circulation and joint pain.

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How to Choose A Heated Vest

Activities – One of the first things to think about when choosing a heated vest is what type of activities you will want to do while wearing the vest. Are you going to need a vest for extreme temperatures while shoveling snow? Do you need a heated vest to go under a jacket? These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

Heat Settings/Controls – This is another important factor when choosing your heated vest. Typically, heated gear come in the heat settings of low, medium, and high. What heat setting you are using will determine the battery life your vest will give you. Make sure if you need a heated vest powered for hours on end then, get a vest with a long battery life.

Sizing – some vests are one size fit all, and some are regular sizes to choose from. Pay attention to this when you are picking out which vest is for you. Some people are not fond of the one size fits all concept.

Material/Inside lining – different brands use different materials. Pay close attention to the materials and the lining in the vest. Some brands have made the vests with very good quality fabrics and lining which actually keep the heat inside longer.

Heated Vest vs Heated Jacket

Heated Vests – Heated vests can be used in mild winter weather. It can be worn by itself or even under a jacket. The main goal of a heated vest is to warm certain areas in rectangular patches, such as the chest, the kidneys, and shoulder blades. The heated vest, when warmed in those areas, will really all come together and warm the core of your body.

Heated Jackets – heated jackets are for more harsh winter weather. The jackets are usually made with higher quality materials to protect you from extreme cold weather. The jackets are lightweight which means you can add layers underneath, even a heated vest can be worn underneath.

Heated jackets usually have patches down the arms and the side of the body. So, instead of just heating your core the heated jacket will also heat your arms too.

Heated Vest FAQ

Q: What is a Heated Vest?

A: A vest is really half a jacket. Basically, it is a jacket with the sleeves cut off.  The battery heated vets that we have been talking about are vests with rechargeable batteries that will warm up in the inside of the vest and warm you up. You can wear a vest under a jacket or by itself. Either way, when they are battery powered it will warm you up quickly.

Q: How Do Heated Vests Work?

A: The way the heated patches in the heated vest are wired in a rectangular shape. These patches will be in specific areas on the torso to provide heat to not only that area but to also really warm up the core of your body.

Typically, the battery is put into one of the pockets in its own protected zipper pouch. The battery life is different from brand to brand so you will have to do some research in my above reviews to read about that.

Q: How to Use a Heated Vest?

A: In simplest terms make sure you have the battery fully charged before using the vest. Typically, these batteries take a few hours to charge. Once you have thee batteries fully charged attach it to the vest and then you can put the vest on and start reaping the benefits of having a heated vest!

Q: How to Charge a Heated Vest?

A: The vest can typically be charged by a USB cord connecting to the battery. There are even some heated vests that come with a powerbank that can even charge your phone from the battery in the heated vest. Each heated vest has its own battery and a certain way how it needs to be charged. Follow the rules that the vest tells you and you will be fine.

Q: How to Turn on a Heated Vest?

A: Each brand is somewhat similar when turning on the vest. There is usually a button either towards the chest of the best or at the bottom of the vest close to the zipper. The button to turn the vest on is also the button that changes the temperature. Usually, the first time you push the button is to turn it on and then depending on how many times you push the button will turn up the temperature until it finally turns it off.

Q: How to Wash a Heated Vest?

A: There are some heated vest brands that need to be hand washed and spot cleaned only. For all of the heated vests that I have personally reviewed, you can actually put them in the washing machine. There are rules following each brand. Some actually come with a special laundry bag which you would put the vest in and then put it into the washer machine. Make sure whichever best heated vest you grab from the list that you check to see what they recommend when cleaning it.


Most people dread the cold winter because they cannot stay warm. You do not have to be afraid to do all your favorite things this winter because of the best heated vests they have on the market. They will warm your core up and leave you feeling warm and comfortable all day long.

I hope my best heated vest reviews have helped you choose a heated vest that is right for you! If you have any questions about any of the products above, you can comment down below. If you need extra warm winter gear you can check out my reviews on heated socks and heated jackets.

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