Best Heated Socks

Do you suffer from cold feet? Do you just want an affordable pair of heated socks? Heated socks in simplest terms are socks that are controlled from batteries; they provide heat to your feet to keep you warm while you are hunting, skiing, snowboarding, and much more.

This guide was made to help make your decision for best battery heated socks easier. Read our reviews and decide which brand of best heated socks is right for you.

Top 3 Best Heated Socks

Lenz Heated Socks 5.0

Top Pick

Budget Pick
Snow Deer Upgraded Heated Socks

Runner up

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Heated Sock Reviews

Lenz Heated Socks 5.0

This is by far one of the best heated socks that you can purchase. It is made with a high-quality material that traps in the heat to keep your feet warm. These socks are designed for people who are going to spend hours in the cold. The material will also help with moisture wicking which will keep your feet dry and not sweaty.

It has rechargeable batteries which are awesome because the battery life can last a lot longer. These heated socks also have Bluetooth so they can connect to your phone. You can change the heat setting all with your phone!

Isolated Warmth

The material of the socks keeps all the heat trapped inside to keep not only your feet warm but also your legs. The wires are in the toe region and where the ball of your foot lands. The socks won’t slip down while you are walking around. They fit snug to your leg and feels so comfortable.

Bluetooth Technology

What sets this product apart from the others is the fact that it has Bluetooth technology. This is so awesome because all you have to do is turn your Bluetooth on, on your phone and connect it to your socks. Once it’s connected you can change the heat settings and even turn the socks on or off from the phone.

Rechargeable lithium batteries

You will not have to run to the store for batteries anymore! These awesome lithium batteries are super durable and can hold a charge for many hours. You can charge these batteries with a USB cable. It charges super quickly and the battery life last up to fourteen hours!


  • Fourteen hours of battery power to keep you warm all day.
  • Bluetooth technology that can allow you to control all the buttons right from your phone. You can control the temperature gauge and turn the socks on or off.
  • The charger charges the battery in a very short time.
  • The socks do not slip when doing outdoor activities.
  • Moisture absorbing material inside the socks that keep your feet from getting sweaty.


  • These socks are one of the pricier options but they are very high quality.


This brand of heated socks can give you a run for your money, but when you make an investment in this brand you will be getting the best battery heated socks on the market.

You will love all the features that come with these socks like Bluetooth capability, and the fourteen hours of continuous heat! You are planning on going hunting, skiing, or camping make sure you pick up a pair of these before you go!

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Global vasion has made their heated socks to be affordable for everyone. Its great that they did this but since the price point is budget friendly, the product lacks some on quality. The heat that comes from the socks is actually amazing. When you turn the socks on, they heat up very fast and warm your feet quickly. This is a great option for people looking for heated socks at a great price with the benefits they need.


These heated socks are made from a blend of cotton and spandex which makes this fabric very breathable. When you have fabric that is breathable, this will reduce the effects of getting sweaty and hot feet. This fabric blend also gives you great mobility.

Charges Quickly

These socks have a great rechargeable battery that charges really quickly. Usually, with cheaper heated socks, it takes a long time for the battery to charge, but this is not the case with global vasion. It takes about four hours for the battery to be fully charged. Make sure you charge the batteries fully before using them.

Battery Life Indicator

This a device on the socks where the battery goes, it called the battery life indicator. This tells you how much battery life is left before you need to recharge. Green means it is fully charged; you have six hours of battery life left. Orange means you are at half-life; this will give you four hours left. Red means you are on low battery; this will give you two hours left of battery power.


  • Super fast charge.
  • Made from cotton and spandex which is a breathable fabric. This will help you to not get to hot and sweaty when you are wearing them.
  • Affordable price point that everyone can afford.
  • The socks heat up quickly once they are turned on.
  • Super convenient battery indicator to let you know how much battery life is left.


  • Smaller heating section in the sock on the foot.
  • Doesn’t hold up as well in subzero weather.


This pair of heated socks is another brand that is extremely affordable to everyone! They will give you an excellent amount of heat for all the winter activities you need to do. One of the best features about this pair is they have a battery life indicator so you know when your battery power is getting low. Once your out of battery life just charge the batteries and they will be ready for you in no time!

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Snow Deer Upgraded Heated Socks

If you are someone who has to be out in the cold a lot then this pair of heated socks is for you. Not only will they keep you warm but they will help with joint pain in the feet. There are different areas of heat in these socks that help circulate the blood. Once the blood circulates the feet will feel warm and relive any foot pain you may have.

These affordable socks will last up to six hours of continuous heat on the lowest setting. don’t worry once the battery power dies all you have to do is recharge your batteries and then you are good to go!

Fore Foot Heating

The forefoot heating element is a great feature because it will heat all throughout the bottom of your foot right on the ball of your foot.  It also has an instep heating element. The instep is the arch at the top of your foot. You can find that in the middle of the bottom of your foot.


These heated socks are also great for people who have arthritis. The heats help the joints to stop the pain. It’s a great way to help stop the pain as an alternative to taking medicine.

Rechargeable lightweight batteries

Snow deer has made their heated socks rechargeable which is a great feature. They also thought about the type of batteries that goes into the socks. They really made a point to make sure the customers will be happy by putting in lightweight batteries.


  • This is great for people who have chronic foot pain such as arthritis. It stimulates the blood circulation for people with joint pain.
  • Rechargeable li-ion batteries that are very lightweight. Battery power last up to six hours.
  • The heating coils cover the whole fore foot and also in the instep which is uncommon in other brands.
  • Three settings for heat with a control button to change the heat.


  • This particular brand runs a bit smaller. If you have wide feet go up a size.
  • They are also long so if you are a shorter person the socks might come up to your knees.


This isn’t the highest quality heated socks, but when you factor how much you are paying for these socks, you are really getting a great value for your money. If you suffer with terrible foot joint pain or even arthritis these socks can help tremendously to help alieve that pain with the heat.

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SVPRO Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks

Svpro is another great heated sock brand. They have all the features that you need in a heated sock, while also staying at an affordable price. The heating element in this brand is different because you can have heat on the top and bottom of the ball of your feet.

Blood Circulation

As we know heat can help promote blood flow in the feet. Not only will this help keep your feet toasty warm; if you have an arthritis condition it will help with that too.  The heat will help you feel relaxed and reduce pain.

Outdoor Activities

I love these socks because the heat that these socks give off is amazing. There are many outdoor activities that I love to do and the socks keep me very warm while wearing them.  I would not ski without heated socks. It gets way too cold outside to not wear heated socks. Also, bicycling and hiking are other activities that these socks work great with.


  • These socks can be worn while doing many different outdoor activities.
  • Very affordable price range.
  • Rechargeable batteries with also three different setting for heat that comes in high, medium, and low.
  • Unisex sock colors – black, grey, brown, and navy blue.


  • The highest heat setting is extremely hot and we suggest at keeping the heat at medium to avoid burns.
  • They run smaller so size up.
  • The battery life runs out faster.


These socks are great for men and women. They come in unisex colors so you can buy everyone in the whole family a pair. These socks are another affordable brand with a lot of great standard features like the rechargeable batteries, the durability of the material, and the amount of heat the socks give off.

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Volt Heated Socks

The volt brand has really taken the time making a great pair of heated socks. If you have chronically cold feet, these socks will do the trick and heat those puppies right up. Not only are they extremely warm, but they also have the moisture wicking technology which is used to dry the sweat your feet produce to keep you warm and dry!

Fastening Cord

The fastening cord on this pair of heated socks is a very special feature that makes these heated socks unique. This cord helps keep your socks up when you are doing any sort of activities that use movement. This brand of heated socks is actually the best heated socks for skiing! The cord keeps the socks up when going down the slopes in skis.

Ten Hours of Battery Life

These socks have a long battery life which is such a great feature. The heat should last through any activities you are doing. The socks also come with a remote that you can use to change the heat settings. Just put it in your pocket and use it whenever you need.

Hidden Battery

Another really cool feature is the pocket made for the battery to be kept in. There is no clip on and you don’t have to stick it inside your sock making you feel uncomfortable. It has a stylish little pocket that you can slip the batteries right into. These socks are thick and durable and will keep you warm out in the cold for hours.


  • Thick durable material that has the moisture wicking technology to keep your feet from getting sweaty.
  • Duel wall charger to charge your batteries even faster.
  • Stylish battery pocket to store your batteries and cord.
  • 10 Hours of battery heat for long lasting warmth.
  • Remote control to change the heat setting on the socks without having to get to the batteries.


  • More of a more expensive brand to purchase.


These socks are perfect for the person who needs a great pair of heated socks that won’t slip down their leg during outdoor sports. You are able to tighten the socks to your leg with a fastening cord that will allow you to ski down slopes without being concerned about having to fix your socks. They give a great amount of heat off and will keep you warm throughout the day.

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Therm-ic PowerSock

The therm-ic powersock is another high-quality pair of heated socks. They have out in a ton of features so that way you feel like you are getting everything you need in a great heated sock. You will be getting the Bluetooth technology which is my favorite feature of these socks. This brand has also thought about wear and tear from skiing or snowboarding and have reinforced their material from ripping!

Reinforced Material

Throughout the socks on the shin, instep, and ankle there is extra material woven into those areas. They decided to do this so those areas would we less likely to wear and tear. You don’t want to buy new pairs of heated socks if yours rip, with this brand you shouldn’t have to.

Bluetooth Technology

This is another brand that was able to put this great piece of technology inside heated socks.  When you are busy skiing down slopes or hiking up a trail, you don’t want to have to stop and take off your shoes to adjust the heat setting on your sock. It’s amazing to just be able to grab your phone out of your pocket and adjust any setting right from there.


  • Sixteen hours of long warmth for your feet.
  • Very convenient Bluetooth technology.
  • Reinforced fibers for certain areas to keep them from ripping.
  • Many heat settings inside the sock.
  • These socks are made for performance in winter sports.


  • More of an expensive brand of heated socks.


If you are someone who braves cold situations and activities then these socks are a sure thing for you! They can be pretty expensive, but if you are an outdoor person who needs a high-quality pair of socks that won’t get torn; then these are the socks for you!

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Flambeau Heated Socks

If you don’t know flambeau is a big outdoor product company. The typical products they make are for fishing and hunting which is why when they made heated socks it worked so well not only for the people who love to fish and hunt but also for the people who love to ski and snowboard! These are a great budget-friendly pair of heated socks.

Slim Fit

These socks are made of wool material which keeps the warmth inside the socks from the tight stitching. These socks are also slim fitting which means when you are wearing boots, they will fit comfortably in the shoes. If you are doing activities you should have no issues with the socks falling down while you’re doing stuff. It also wicks moisture while wearing them and keeps your feet dry and warm.

Battery Compartment

These socks have a very fashionable feature of a battery compartment. The battery compartment is located right under the calf muscle. The battery and the battery compartment fit right into the pocket. The socks will only work if both batteries are fully charged. You can charge the batteries with a USB cable through your computer.

Carbon Fiber Heating

Some sock brands have different heating elements that take quite a while to heat up the whole socks. The carbon fiber heating is an element that helps heat the socks up very quickly. With this heating element, you can expect to have up to eight hours of continuous heat which will keep you warm while you are skiing, hunting, or snowboarding.


  • Rechargeable lithium batteries that last up to eight hours of heat.
  • Wool material that was threaded so tightly to keep heat trapped inside the socks.
  • Affordable price point for anyone in the market for heated socks.
  • Special carbon fiber heating element that heats up faster than other heating elements.


  • It takes a while for the batteries to get completely charged.
  • The wires get very hot on the toes. You should wear a pair of thin socks on first.


This pair of socks really has everything you could ask for. They give you all the features that are important when buying heated socks. The heating element in the socks is really the best part. They use a carbon fiber which works way better when heating up the socks. These socks will keep the heat in for hours!

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Rabbitroom Heated Socks

If you just need a pair of heated socks for a few hours to run some errands, shovel snow or go on a hike then this pair of heated socks will do you great. They provide excellent heat as well as still staying within a reasonable price.

125 Degrees of Heat

These socks after they are charged get five hours of heat. The best part is that these socks heat up to 125 degrees. Even though the socks only last a few hours they sure make that up in the heat they generate. Remember you can always turn off the socks once you feel warm enough. The material of the socks should trap the heat in.

Satisfaction Guarantee

These socks are great because not only will these socks provide great warmth but they will also give you a guarantee if you are not happy with the product. The Rabbitroom company is extremely affordable and everyone can afford the price point on these socks. These socks are best for people who need the extra warmth when taking a walk in the winter or shoveling snow.


  • Breathable, durable, and flexible material.
  • 125 degrees of heat.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Rechargeable batteries with three heat settings.


  • Only five hours of battery life.
  • Best suited for short activities, instead of long winter sports.


This pair of heated socks are very affordable but they lack some of the best features. That is the reason why they are sold so cheaply because they only have up to five hours of battery life. The best thing about these socks beside the price is the fact that it can heat up to 125 degrees! If that doesn’t keep those toes toasty, I don’t know what will.

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How To Choose the Best Heated Socks

The features that I am going to list are all features that can be found in most heated sock brands. Some brands may have a few things and others may have everything that I have listed off. Use this list to see what you want to have in your best heated socks.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries have become a pretty standard feature in heated socks. Most brands have this feature because it is more convenient for the consumer. The brands that do not have this feature just use the regular batteries that you will have to replace.

These batteries are a great feature to think about when purchasing heated socks because once you buy the batteries you shouldn’t have to run out to your nearest store to pick up more for a long time. Some batteries have a lifespan of a thousand uses. This is great because you can really feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

Rechargeable battery heated socks are perfect for the person who wants to wear their heated socks for a long period of time. If you out doing outdoor activities you will want a pair of heated socks that are going to have a good charge with a long battery life. Some brands will keep heating for a continuous 10 hours.

Bluetooth Technology

Some brands have really stepped up their technology game when it comes to making socks the consumer is going to love. In some of the best heated sock brands you can now get Bluetooth technology which will allow you to control the heats settings and be able to turn the socks on and off all right from your phone. You can even check how much battery power you have left before they need to be recharged again.

All you have to do is let your phone pair with the Bluetooth within the sock to start using it. It’s a very simple process and only takes a couple of minutes. Most likely in the next few years, more brands will also put this amazing feature in their socks but for now, the Lenz heated socks are the only ones to have that feature.

Heat Duration

This feature varies from every brand. There are some more affordable lower quality heated socks that have about a four to five-hour heat time. The higher quality more expensive heated socks can have a heat time up to ten hours.

Depending on what type of outdoor activities you are in to will affect which pair of heated socks you purchase. Keep that in mind when looking through the reviews above of the heated socks.

Battery Life

This goes hand and hand with heat duration. You will have some brands that have a battery life of only four hours on the hottest setting. On the other hand, you have some brands that will last up to eight to ten hours. When you look at each brand you will have to make the decision how much battery life you want.

You don’t want to buy the cheapest pair of heated socks if its only going to give you a few hours of run time. Make sure for the things you like to do, that your socks can accommodate that for you.

I suggest once your socks have heated up for a period of time, to turn them off and keep the warmth inside as long as possible. Once it starts to go away, turn the socks back on. This way it will give your batteries a break and keep your battery life lasting longer.


Heated socks come in all sorts of materials, some that are actually warmer than others. You will want to pay attention to this when doing your research on the best heated socks. The most common materials used when making these socks are wool and cotton. Some brands have other materials added in to this combination as well.

You may think the material is not such a big deal but it actually is. Think about if that material of fabric is going to make your feet sweaty when heated up. You don’t want to be sweaty in your heated socks. Also think about if the fabric is going to be breathable and bendable when doing outdoor activities. Are you allergic to any of the fabrics that are using? These are all the questions I want you to ask yourself when thinking about heated socks.

Adjustable Temperature Gauge

Most of all the socks that we have reviewed above have a temperature gauge that you can change to adjust the temperature inside the socks. Most likely the socks will have two to three heat settings. If the brand has two settings it will be high and low. If the brand has three settings it will be low, medium, and high.

This feature is really nice because on those extra cold days you can just adjust your temperature higher. Some brands you actually have to take the sock off to change the heat settings which is a real pain if you ask me. Some will actually come with a remote control that you can just keep in your pocket and change from there. Over all this feature is great to be able to adjust the heat.

Heated Socks FAQ

Q: How Do Heated Socks Work?

A: In simplest terms, heated socks use a battery-operated system to make heat throughout the whole sock which will keep your feet warm. There is lightweight wiring throughout the sock that causes an electrical current which will start to warm up the sock.

Depending on what type of brand of heated sock you have, some require D cell batteries and other brands are actually rechargeable! The option of a rechargeable battery is nice because then you do not need to carry around big batteries all the time. In case you were not aware, rechargeable batteries are actually better for the planet and the environment because they last longer than regular batteries.

The material that the socks are made up of are actually the same material that you will find in electric blankets. Make sure to always be safe when wearing heated socks. It is best to wear one thin sock and then put the heated sock over it to prevent burns. Heated socks work exceptionally well and when they work, they work, so be careful not to get any burns!

Q: How Are Heated Socks Made?

A: Different materials to make heated socks are used in different brands. Mostly all the brands use the same method and wiring of heating the socks. The wire is a light wire woven throughout the sock and when the socks are on, the wire produces a current of heat that passes from the toes all the way to the back of your ankle.

The best heated socks are made out of either wool or cotton; any heated sock that would be made with only polyester would be to thin to have a heating element in them. You can get heated socks with either rechargeable batteries that you will have to charge when not using them or you can get certain battery powered socks where you will have a battery inserted to heat the socks. Typically. The battery you will need is either a D cell or a 9-volt battery.

Q: How Well Do Heated Socks Work?

A: Depending on which brand of heated socks you decide on buying, most of them will have heat settings. A heat setting is a temperature gauge in which you can change the temperature of the heat at any given time. You can choose to have it set at high, medium, or low. When you put it on the highest setting then the socks will start to work a lot faster than if you were on low. All of the settings will get you toasty warm but it is nice to choose a different setting depending on the cold activities you may be doing.

When you wear regular nonheated socks, you have to wait for your blood flow to run through your feet to warm them up. This can take a long time if you are in extremely cold weather. The heated socks will help speed up the blood flow process and prevent heat trapping from happening on your feet. You can always wear more clothes on your body but the hands and feet on your body lose body heat the fastest.

Q: How To Use Heated Socks?

A: First, check to make sure if you have a rechargeable battery pack to make sure it is fully charged. Id hate to use my heated socks and when I try them on the battery is dead! Check the box and see how long the battery life is of a fully charged battery.

Second, if you are planning on doing a long outdoor winter activity, you should put on a thinner sock before putting on your heated sock. This will give you some extra warmth and also prevent burns from the heated sock if you are planning on using it for hours at a time.

Third, put your socks on and adjust the setting of heat that is the most comfortable for you. Depending on what type of heated sock you are buying, you may have one setting or three. If you have three, then they will be low, medium, and high. I personally like mine on high, I love to be toasty warm!

Fourth, enjoy the best heated socks you have and whether you are going fishing, skiing, or just going out to the barn to feed the horses, stay warm!

Q: How Hot Do Heated Socks Get?

A: We have mentioned this before but in case you missed it, the heat settings range from low, medium, and high. Depending on what heat setting you choose will also affect the battery life that is used. If you always run the setting on high heat, then the battery power will drain faster than if it was on low.

I keep mine at low most of the time because it gradually heats everything up and uses less battery power. Keep in mind when these socks are on high heat, they do get very hot. To prevent from any burns from happening wear a pair of socks underneath so the electric wires aren’t right on your bare feet.

Q: What Batteries Do Heated Socks Use?

A: All heated socks are battery powered. We have talked about different brands having either rechargeable batteries or batteries that you can buy and use in the socks. Remember when you are choosing a heated sock you need to keep in mind if you have to replace the batteries that you can find those same ones in your local store.

Batteries for heated socks come in all different types and sizes. You could choose a brand that takes double A batteries. You could be buying a brand of heated socks that take 9-volt batteries. Make sure you find out all the information on the batteries for your heated socks before you make your purchase.

Q: Will the Manufacturer Give Me Additional Batteries?

A: You might be able to order the same exact batteries that came with the socks. What I recommend to do is go to your local store and check out the prices on batteries. See which one you need a look for the best deal. If you want to stock up, then I suggest going to a big box store to get a big pack of batteries.

Now if you have rechargeable batteries then this is something you don’t really have to worry about for a time because your battery life should last about a thousand charges before you need to buy new ones.

Q: Who Makes the Best Heated Socks?

A: Any of the brands that we had talked about above would be a great option of heated socks for you. We have taken the time to go through a few hundred different heated socks brands and narrowed it down to the best heated socks brands for you to choose from. Our personal favorite is the Lenz heated socks 5.0. if you have the money that you can spend on these, they are well worth it.

Q: How to Wash Battery Heated Socks?

A: In this article, we have mentioned a few times that you cannot put your heated socks into the washing machine. The reason we say this is because a lot of people have said when they have washed their heated socks, they have actually gotten ruined.

The best way to care for your heated socks is to spot clean them with a cloth if they get so dirty to the point that you need to clean them. Also, we recommend that when you wear your heated socks to wear a pair of regular socks on first to catch any sweat or dirt from your feet.

Q: How Long Do Heated Socks last?

A: This is a very hard question to answer because every person’s experience with heated socks and how they wear will be different. If you are getting your socks super dirty and wearing them constantly than obviously, the socks are going to be wearing and tearing a lot faster than if you are just using yours at certain times.

You also need to consider what type of batteries your socks take; this will contribute to the longevity of your socks. You also should make sure you are buying quality batteries. What I mean by this is don’t buy the cheapest of the cheap batteries. If you buy a good quality battery, the battery life will last much longer.

Q: How to Charge Heated Socks?

A: Many of the heated sock options we talk about today are going to have some element in them so they can recharge. So, when you buy an option with rechargeable batteries you should be getting a battery pack and a charger. This is a great option because you can simply recharge the batteries anytime you need them.

Plug in your battery charger and put your batteries into the battery pack so they can begin charging. The time it takes for the batteries to completely charge is different from each brand but typically it should take a couple of hours. Most rechargeable batteries have a battery life of over a thousand charges. If you think you need a better quality rechargeable battery, just go to a store and pick up a better brand of batteries. Quality really makes a difference when it comes to batteries.

Q: How to Turn Off and On Heated Socks?

A: Turning the socks on and off is very simple. Some brands have a button and some brands have Bluetooth technology and you can do everything right from your phone.

The way you control the heat settings is important. Some brands come with a remote so you can control the one and off button as well as the heat right on the remote. This is a really great feature because you don’t have to take off your shoe or sock to change these controls. I personally do not want to take my sock off to control the buttons.

If yours does not come with a handy remote then the control adjustability is on the battery pack. You will have to adjust the settings there most likely having to remove the sock you are wearing.

Another great feature is Bluetooth. We all know what Bluetooth is, it’s in almost every product we see today. Believe it or not, the technology is in heated socks. All you have to do is pair your smartphone device with the Bluetooth on the socks. It sounds complicated but it’s actually really simple. Then you will download the app that your brand of heated socks uses. This will be where you can change controls of heat and simply just turn the heated socks on or off.

Q: When Were Battery Heated Socks Invented?

A: Battery powered socks have been on the market for a few decades. Back in the past, these socks were very expensive to come by, so not a lot of people had them. They didn’t have the technology that we have today so the batteries wouldn’t work as efficiently and would die much faster. Today we do not have these problems because of how far technology has brought us. Batteries today are also not as expensive as they were decades ago.

Q: How Much Do Heated Socks Cost?

A: Just like with everything you have high quality more expensive products and you have well made more affordable products. Take a look at the buying guide we have above because we have reviewed all different models and price points of heated socks.

Typically, the rechargeable battery heated socks are more expensive than the ones with plug-in batteries. There are some heated socks that are made for a specific outdoor activity that can influence the price point of the socks.

You can get a very inexpensive pair of heated socks but just remember it may not have all the important features that you were looking for like easy accessibility, extra padding, and remote settings.

Q: Are Battery Powered Heated Socks Safe?

A: For me personally, I have never had any problems with my heated socks. I think they are extremally safe if you know how to wear your heated socks properly. I have mentioned this many times and will mention it again; wear another pair of socks under your heated socks. This will prevent burns from happening on your feet and also keep your heated sock clean.

Also, make sure when you are done using the socks to turn them off to make sure they do not start a fire. There are no known cases of this happening ever but it is just something you should keep in mind when owning a pair. There are some brands that have a shutoff technology that will turn the socks off if it detects an issue. Just look at the specs of the heated sock you are buying to learn more on your specific pair.

Q: How Do You Maintain Heated Socks?

A: Plain and simple do not wear them all day every day! Just like any material, heated socks will wear and tear just like a normal pair of socks. The more you wear them, the more they can get dirty.

One of the biggest things that I found to help me was to wear a pair of regular socks under my heated socks. The reason I do this is that I have very sweaty feet. The regular pair of socks catches the sweat so they don’t get on my heated socks and start to make them stink.

If you really get your socks dirty you can always take a lightly damp rag and start to spot clean with soap and water. Hang to dry and then wear them again. I do not recommend sticking them in the washer machine even if the company says they are washable. The reason I say that is because the wire in the sock can start unravel and break.

Another way to maintain your socks is the make sure you are buying a good quality of battery to go inside your socks. A good quality battery truly makes a difference in the performance of these products. Also, if it is a rechargeable battery that you have; make sure you’re a keep it charged and you’re not letting the battery die all the time.

Q: How Often Should I Purchase Heated Socks?

A: This question really goes with the question above. It really depends on how you have maintained your heated socks. Have you been trekking through mud and dirt? Or have you taken the care of spot cleaning and wearing multiple pairs of socks? This question all comes down to you and how you take care and wear your socks.

I would say if you are a big outdoor adventurer and your climbing up mountains with your heated socks, then they might not last years. Typically, heated socks should last half a year for the hardcore adventurist and a year or two for the person who wants to use them to not freeze on these cold winter days. However long they end up lasting, enjoy them!

Q: What Are Some Activities People Use Heated Socks For?

A: Anyone can wear heated socks, but they really help the people who use them in winter sports and activities. When you are in extremely cold sub zero temperatures, heated socks and other heated clothing like jackets, hats, and gloves make a huge difference when out in the cold.


Skiing is an extreme winter sport. When you are skinning down a big mountain the temperatures can be so cold that you can get frostbite if you are not careful. It is a smart choice to wear heated socks under ski boots. They will keep your feet warm while waiting to use the slop and while your cruising down it.


People go camping all throughout the year but a lot of people go camping in the winter. When your camping outside the night time temperatures can get extremely low and you need to keep your blood flow moving to keep yourself warm. Heated socks are a great option for this.


Deer hunting season is the most popular in the fall all the way to late winter. When you are hunting you need to go out early to get the best hunt. You will be walking in the cold woods for a few hours. Just think if you had a pair of heated socks in your boots your feet would feel so much toastier.

Motorcycle Ride

Even if you ride a motorcycle it can get super cold cruising down the road. Keep some heated socks in your shoes plus some heated gloves to keep you warm.


I enjoy a great long hike! If its bitter cold outside, I still want to get my exercise but I want to stay nice and warm while I do it. I don’t want to have to dip my feet in hot water when I get home.

Ice Fishing

If you’re sitting next to an ice fishing hole than more than likely you are sitting on a sheet of ice. Your feet and shoes will freeze being on that ice but not if you have yourself a pair of heated socks to warm yourself up.

Working In A Horse Barn

Speaking from my mother in law’s experience, she has always been freezing going out to her barn to take care of her horses. I mentioned to her one day about getting her some heated gear. So, she did and she is loving the results of being warm while taking care of her animals at the barn.

Walking the Dog

You don’t have to use heated socks just for long outdoor activities. Heated socks will work fantastic for the person who just needs to get outside and walk the dog. We all have to do this, so we might as well stay warm while we do it right?

Ice Hockey

Grab some heated socks and put them on before getting in the rink. No need to freeze during a whole game. If at any time you are warmed up and don’t need the socks on just turn them off. This will save your battery power for when you’re colder.

As you can see there are so many activities that you can use heated socks with. There are way more than this but we thought we would give you just a few examples for you to think about.


As you can see there are so many great choices for the best heated socks. A simple purchase for battery heated socks can make a huge impact on your health. We need to stay warm in the winter no matter what we are doing and heated clothing is the answer. There is a pair of heated socks out there for everyone; take our advice and find the pair of socks that are perfect for you on our reviewer guide.

You have any questions about any of the pairs of socks shown in this review, leave them down below and we will get back to you right away.

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