Best Heated Jackets

It’s that time of year again. You do not need to freeze this winter if you do not want to. I have great news for you; you can wear a heated jacket to keep you warm.

I have reviewed the best heated jackets with the best quality materials for you. I have taken the liberty to give you all the information you need to know about heated jackets. After you check out this article you will be ready to purchase the jacket that will work best for you!

I have answered all the most common questions in the FAQ section of the article.

Top 3 Best Heated Jackets

ororo Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood

Best Men’s Heated Jacket
ororo Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket

Best Women’s Heated Jacket
Milwaukee Jacket KIT M12 12V Lithium-Ion Heated

Runner up

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Best Heated Jacket Reviews

ororo Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood

The Ororo brand is the most popular brand on the market for heated winter gear.  If you are an avid adventurer or you just needed something to keep you warm while out walking the dog, then you will love all the things this jacket has to offer.

Lightweight and Water Resistant

This jacket is very lightweight and can really be folded down quite compactly for storage. The jacket is also water resistant and weather resistant. If you get caught in a rain storm you don’t have to worry about getting soaked because the water will just run off the jacket.


The design of the jacket not only looks stylish but it feels amazing. The outside of the jacket is made of a soft material that can withstand weather and water. The inside is the soft fleece material that you can find in most hoodies and jackets. What happens is the heat will be trapped in the inside of the jacket keeping you warmer longer. The hood is also detachable, so you can choose to use it or not.

New Improved Battery

The brand has put in some updates for the 2019 year. They have changed their battery and are now using a 7.4-volt battery. This battery actually extends the life of your battery and allows you to use the heating elements for longer. Instead of the old battery lasting only eight hours on low; now we have a battery that will last ten hours. That can make a huge difference when you are out in the cold.


  • Three heating sections – left and right side of chest and the center of the back.
  • Ten hours of battery power.
  • Soft fabric outside and soft fleece lining on the inside.
  • The hood of the jacket can be detached.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Carbon Fiber heating element.
  • Lightweight jacket overall.


  • Size up when you can because under the jacket if you are wearing multiple layers the sleeve and shoulder areas can feel a little tight.
  • The zipper is cheap.


This is a highly trusted brand from all of the heated gear they have put out. The price point is fair for such a highly talked about brand. I personally love the way the jacket feels on the inside. The jacket kept me warm for hours and I was even able to turn the heating element off and still stay warm. This is my pick for the best heated jacket because of all the great features and the powerful new and improved battery.

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ororo Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket

The Ororo brand is an extremely popular heated gear brand that has really put quality and safety first into all of their products. With three heating pads and up to ten hours of battery life, you will be feeling nice and toasty. This is our pick for the best heated jacket for women.

Slim Fitting Design

The jacket has a slim fitting design. When you are a woman trying to find a good quality jacket, you don’t want to hide your features. This jacket has no bulk to it but it does come with the fleece lined material that keep heat trapped inside.

USB Port

This jacket comes with three pockets that can be zipped up. You get two standard pockets for your hands and one special vertical pocket. Inside the pocket you will find a USB port that you can connect your phone to and it will begin to charge. This is a great feature especially if you are out camping, hunting, or fishing, that way you can call someone if you need emergency help.

New Battery

The Ororo brand just updated their heated jackets. Now their jackets have a 7.4 volt battery that will give you a longer battery life. Now the battery can last ten hours on high, six hours on medium, and three hours on high.


  • 4-volt battery that will last up to ten hours.
  • Three adjustable heating settings.
  • Heating pads on the left and right side of chest as well as the mid back.
  • Slim fitting design.
  • Exterior of jacket is water and weatherproof.


  • The slim fitting design runs the jacket slightly smaller.


The price point is very fair and average with other heated jacket brands. The new and improved battery is a huge positive and really makes the battery last a lot longer.  The jacket is fitted to the body to give you a more stylish feel. This is the best heated jacket for women.

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Milwaukee Jacket KIT M12 12V Lithium-Ion Heated

The Milwaukee heated jacket is a heavy-duty jacket that has a strong m12 lithium battery. This jacket has been proven to last up to five times longer than other heated jacket brands. There are heating elements on the chest, pockets, and back side of the jacket. The quality is not overlooked by the Milwaukee brand.

M12 Lithium Battery

This jacket uses a M12 lithium battery. This battery is very quick to charge and should last you eight hours of continuous heat. The m12 is known to most people for its extreme battery power and quick charging time. This battery is top notch quality and that is why the price is higher on this jacket.

Jacket Material

The outside of the jacket has been tested and proven to last in winter, water, and weather elements five times longer than regular jackets. The inside of the jacket is a fleece lining that keeps the heat generated in the jacket.


This jacket has been designed with movement in mind. If you are doing activities and need a good jacket that will move with you then, this is the jacket for you. The freeflex technology allows you to move easily when wearing this bulky jacket.


  • Heavy duty water and wind resistant material.
  • Led remote to control the settings on the jacket.
  • Hidden pocket for the battery.
  • Fleece thermal lining to keep heat indie the jacket.
  • FreeFlex technology.


  • Higher priced.


The jacket comes with a great heavy-duty battery that is know for its power. The reason the price point of the jacket is higher than others is because of the high-quality battery. The jacket has free flex technology to move with your body while you are doing your winter activities. This jacket overall is a great buy for the person looking for a long-lasting heated jacket.

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Smarkey Cordless Heated Jacket

The Smarkey cordless heated jacket is made of a waterproof and weather proof material. That means this jacket can be used in all-weather types and can be used in any sort of activity. This jacket has three heating zones that are located in different areas on the front and back of the body.

LED Sensor

This jacket has a unique LED sensor. This sensor is used to gauge the temperature and it also visually lets you see what the jacket is heating up to. The jacket has the standard low, medium, and high heat setting. The jacket also comes with a preheat mode to start warming up the jacket before you wear it.

Machine Washable

This jacket is made of a polyester material that can be machine washed. Most heated jackets say you can machine wash their jackets and that is the case with this Smarkey heated jacket. Remember you cannot dry heated jackets. It is recommended that you hang them dry.


  • Waterproof and wind proof material.
  • 4 lithium battery.
  • LED heat sensor.
  • Three main heating zones on the front and back of the jacket.


  • Bulky battery.
  • Thinner jacket.


The main goal of this heated jacket is to increase your body temperature in cold weather. This jacket will keep you comfortable from the soft-shell material it is made out of. The jackets battery is a bit bulky and on the heavier side.  This jacket has a fair price point and gives you some great options.

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DEWBU Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket

The Dewbu jacket offers a lot of different sizing and color options in their heated jacket. They even have a couple of styles for women as well. This jacket has some nice hi-tech features such as the Led color to change the temperature. They also have out in some automatic safety features that will shut the jacket off if it becomes dangerous.

Safety Shut Off

The jacket comes with a safety shut off mode. This will turn on if the following two things happen; the temperature reaches to high that it becomes unsafe or if the jackets wiring actually short circuits. The jacket will then cut off the power automatically.

Led Changing light

To turn the jacket on press and hold the button on the chest to turn it on. The jacket has three LED colors to help differentiate the different temperatures. Red is high temperature, blue is medium, and green is low temperature.


  • Three standard heating modes – low, medium, and high.
  • Safety shut off feature.
  • Breathable material.
  • Water and wind resistant.
  • Comes in different color options.
  • Led temperature gauge.
  • Machine washable.
  • Up to 8 hours of heat on low.


  • There are a lot of pockets on the jacket but they are small and can’t fit much stuff.


The best part of the jacket is the fact that I can choose a multitude of different colors and designs. I also really like the safety feature shut off. I really think this company went the extra mile into thinking of the person wearing the jacket. I don’t like that the pockets are small and relatively useless.

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Venture Heat Women’s Heated Jacket

Here we have another heated jacket for women. The venture company makes all sorts of heated gear and their jackets are no exception when it comes to their fabulous designs and powerful batteries. This jacket was designed to let you stay warm but also to look fashionable.

Power Bank

This jacket has a unique feature of being able to use any type of power bank battery. If you want to find a higher quality power bank then you certainly can and you can use it with your jacket! You may even be able to get more than twelve hours of battery power depending on what type of battery you upgrade to.

Puffy Design

The puffy jacket look has been in style this season and the venture company has truly captured the look women are going for. The puffy outside is water, weather, and wind resistant. The inside has a soft fleece material which will keep the heat trapped inside. There are three pockets for storage and a USB cord that you can use to charge your phone.


  • Twelve hours of run time on the lowest setting, six hours on medium, and three hours on high.
  • Resists the weather in rain and snow.
  • Puffy jacket design.
  • Heating panels on the left and right of the chest and the upper back.
  • Led Light to show you what heat setting you are on.
  • Can charge your phone.


  • Runs small, tight on the shoulders, size up.
  • I wish the heating element could heat the pockets.


This is a great option for women to choose from. It is very stylish and has a twelve-hour battery life on low which is really impressive compared to the other ten hour brands. It also works with any power bank which is also another great feature. The slim design of the jacket does make it feel tight. If you don’t like the tight feel then you should size up.

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CONQUECO Women’s Heated Jacket Slim Fit

Heated Clothing for Every Activity

This jacket is perfect for any winter activity. The material of the jacket keeps the inside heat from escaping. So, when you are out doing winter activities it will keep you very warm and toasty.


  • Three heating zones on the jacket – in the mid back, waist, and the chest.
  • Four heating levels, preheat, low, medium, and high
  • Made from soft shell fabric.
  • Safety features so the jacket doesn’t short circuit.
  • Carbon fiber heating throughout the jacket.


  • Smaller fit, so size up.


This is a good choice for a basic affordable heated jacket. You will be getting all the great features of the three heating zones, insolated fabric, and the great safety features. This jacket is in a very affordable price range so almost everybody can afford this for the winter time.

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COLCHAM Heated Jacket for Women with Detachable Hood

Are you looking for a heated jacket for a loved one? This jacket is perfect for the woman in your life. This jacket has a sliming design and it is made out of 80% off cotton. This jacket is so soft and so0 comfortable once the heat is turned on. The two warming zones will quickly warm your body up!

Safeguard Feature

The technology is the jacket can sense if your jacket is overheating or if it’s about to give you an electric shock. The material and technology put into the jacket will actually shut the battery off and prevent any electric shocks and overheating. Make sure you also fully charge the battery before using it to prevent any shortings.

All Season Jacket

The Colcham jacket is perfect for all different types of weather. It can be rainy, snowy, and even sunny when you are using this jacket. The jacket is perfect for all seasons of weather, especially on very cold days. The hood is also detachable so if it’s not extremely cold you can detach the hood and enjoy your jacket that way.


  • Comes with a 7.4-volt battery.
  • Heating element on the left and right side of the chest and in the middle of the back.
  • Detachable hood.
  • Slim design and made with a soft-shell material.
  • Great jackets for all seasons.
  • Controller to be used to pick your perfect heat setting.


  • The instructions are hard to read when it comes to setting up the jacket.
  • Runs small


This heated jacket is fairly priced. It is made out of a very comfortable cotton blend. The jacket heats up very quickly. The safety feature that stops the jacket from overheating is really nice because it just puts your mind at ease that everything will be okay. The jacket does have a slim fitting design so size up if you would like more room to move in your jacket.

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DEWALT DCHJ060C1-S 20V/12V MAX Black Heated Jacket Kit

The DeWalt brand is known as the company that makes construction tools. What you probably didn’t know is that they make heated gear. Their heated jackets are packed full of features and they are extremely good quality. These jackets are designed for people who have to work outside for long periods of time.

Four Heating Zones

The DeWalt jacket has four coiled heating patches that are located on the left and right side of the chest, the collar bone, and the mid back.  The jacket also has three heat settings, which are the standard heating settings. Another great feature is there is a preheating function to start to warm up your jacket gradually.

Adjustable Waist

Another super cool feature of this jacket is that you can actually adjust the size around your waist. This will give you a few inches that you can bring in and a few that you can bring out larger. You can also adjust the size of the cuffs.


  • Four heating zones inside the jacket.
  • Three temperature settings – high, medium, and low.
  • Comes with an LED controller.
  • Five pockets for storage.
  • Two USB ports located inside the jacket so you can charge your electronics.
  • Can adjust the waist size by a few inches.
  • You can adjust the cuff area to make it more comfortable for you.


  • The battery pack is very large and bulky.
  • Priced high.


This jacket has some great features about it but it is priced higher than the other brands we have taken a look at. There are four main heating zones which is something that I really like. The jacket comes with a remote that you can use to change the temperature. I really like the adjustability around the waist and cuff area. Excellent jacket, but at a high price.

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How to Choose the Best Heated Jacket

Before you make your purchase, you need to think about some of the features you will want in your jacket. It is very important to know all of your options and what’s out there before purchasing the best heated jacket for you.


The material of the jacket plays a big role in the insolation, the resistance to the outside elements, and the bulkiness of the jacket.

Do you want a lightweight jacket or a heavier bulky jacket? Do you want a slim fit soft-shell jacket? Do you want a puffy design? Do you want it to be stylish? These are all things you need to think about.

Heating Elements in the Jacket

Other things you need to know about are the heating zones in the jacket and the temperature controls. The heating zones are the specific areas where the jacket heats up. The more heating zones inside the jacket the more heat that will be generated in your torso area. Most heated jackets come with at least three heating zones.

The temperature controls are important because that is how you set your heat setting. The most common heat settings are high, medium, and low. Some heated jackets have a pre-heat setting which is helpful in gradually heating up the jacket. If you do not have a preheat setting in the jacket you choose then you can always start at the high-temperature setting and then once the jacket gets warm enough turn the setting down.

Some heated jackets come with a remote that will change the temperature settings. Other heated jackets will just use a button that is actually on the chest of the jacket.

Carbon Fiber/Steel Plates

Most heated jackets are made up of either two things, carbon fiber or steel plates. Carbon fiber heating are flexible coils that are wound throughout the jacket that heat up when the jacket is turned on. The steel plates are large plates that are put in certain areas. The will heat up and heat that specific area. Steel plates make the jacket feel bulky and its hard to fold the jacket completely compact.


The battery is the most important element of your jacket. The battery is what powers the entire system of your jacket. You want to make sure you are getting a battery that will work with your needs. Do you want a jacket with a long battery life? Do you want a battery that charges faster?

Two terms to think about regarding the battery are voltage and milliampere. Voltage means a force that makes electric charges move. So, in heated jackets, this means the higher the voltage the higher the temperature.

Milliampere hour is how much battery capacity the battery can hold. This can really determine how long your battery will last during run time. All heated jackets very in this category. Some of the best heated jackets can last up to twelve hours. On the other hand, some may only last eight hours on the low setting, which can make a huge difference depending on what you need this heated jacket for.


Most jackets just have two standard pockets for your hands but with some of the heated jackets, you will find multiple pocks, some big and some small. Do you want a jacket with heated pockets? Some jackets don’t offer heated pockets.

Charging Ports

Some heated jackets actually come with a USB cord. The USB cord can be used to charge a phone or smaller portable electronics. Now when you use this feature keep in mind that it will use some of your battery capacity that is needed for your jacket. So, the battery will end up being drained faster.

What Are the Benefits of Heated Jackets?

There are many benefits to wearing a heated jacket. Take a minute to look over these benefits to help make your purchase an easier one.

Rechargeable Batteries

All of the heated jackets that I have personally reviewed have rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are a great benefit because you don’t have to worry about spending a ton of money on new batteries. Batteries are expensive and if you can save some money it is entirely worth it.

Charging the batteries is a very easy process because the company who makes the heated jacket that you purchase should give you simple instructions. Basically, all you have to do is connect the USB port that comes with the jacket to the battery to charge it.

Reduce Joint Pain

Heated jackets can really help with certain medical conditions. When it is cold outside the blood flow in the body slows and pain can set into the body causing arthritis and joint pain. When you wear any sort of heated gear, the blood flow starts to speed up from the heat which will keep you warm. The benefits of heated gear are:

  • Reduce Pain.
  • Less recovery time.
  • Improves muscle performance and efficiency.
  • Decreases muscle sensitivity.
  • Improved flexibility.


Heated jackets are extremely comfortable and cozy. Most heated jackets are made with a soft fleece that will make the jacket feel very comfortable. Once the heat is turned on the warmth will make you feel like you are wrapped in a blanket. When you wear your jacket, you will have no problem taking the dog for a walk, it will be a breeze!


Since the jackets heating power is so powerful you don’t have to wear additional layers. You can if you want to but, the heating power works so well that you can just wear your jacket. The jackets are made to feel lightweight. You wont loose any of the heat on the inside because off the heat locking technology to keep the heat trapped in.

Water, Weather, and Wind Resistant

Most heated jacket brands have the three W’s feature. Almost all the jackets I have reviewed are water resistant. This is a great feature because If you get caught out in the rain you don’t want to get your heated jacket to get ruined.

It’s the same with weather, snow, rain, or even hail, the jacket will keep you not only protected but will resistant these conditions. Wind is also another factor that people get frustrated at with regular jackets. When you are caught out in a windy area you want to have peace of mind that your jacket will protect you from that element.


The safety features are my favorite benefit of wearing a heated jacket. When you are wearing something that is powered by an electric current, the first thing that comes to your mind is: Is this jacket safe?

I am here to tell you that the companies that I have reviewed in the above portion for this article have all made strides with safety for their jackets. They have put in technology that will shut off the jacket if it gets to hot and it will make the jacket not overheat. The jacket will also stop from short circuiting.

Why Should You Buy a Heated Jacket?

If you struggle with the cold then a heated jacket is a perfect option for you. The cold climate can be brutal and even if you are dressed in lots of layers you can still feel so cold. Whether you are fishing, hunting, walking the dog, working outside, and even just checking the mail a heated jacket can make you feel so much more comfortable.

Are Heated Jackets Safe?

Yes, heated jackets are completely safe to use and you shouldn’t have any worried feeling purchasing your heated jacket. Most of the top brands have put safeguard technology into their jackets to stop them from overheating and from short circuiting.

You shouldn’t get burned or shocked while wearing the jacket. If the jacket gets wet it is still safe because most all of the brands that I have reviewed are water resistant and weather resistant. You can still harm the battery if it gets wet. Make sure before washing your heated jacket that you remove your battery pack.

Heated Jacket FAQ

Q: Who Makes the Best Heated Jacket?

A: This question has multiple answers. Find the best heated jacket for you can depend on a lot of things. Different people will want different features with their jacket. There are a lot of companies that are going head to head for the number one spot but a lot of them are all great.

Some of my personal favorite brands are the Ororo, DeWalt, Venture, and the Milwaukee brand. These companies all make such high-quality heated jackets and that is why these are the best heated jacket brands on the market.

Q: What is a Heated Jacket?

A: A heated jacket is just like the words sound; it is a jacket that has infused heating elements inside the jacket in specific areas to keep you warm. The jacket uses a battery that connects to intricately designed wires throughout the jacket. The wires heat up and provide great warmth in different areas around the jacket. After you heat up your jacket you can turn it off because these jackets trap in a lot of stored heat and don’t let it escape easily.

These jackets are great for all different types of activities. They can be used for people who are out skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing and even just working outside in the yard. Above we have reviewed the best heated jackets that there are and we hope you take the time to look them over. Each one of these jackets will provide you great comfort and work effortlessly to keep you feeling toasty!

Q: How to Use a Heated Jacket?

A: A heated jacket is very simple to use. The first thing is to make sure the battery that came with the jacket is fully charged. If you don’t charge it completely keep in mind you want set up the jacket to be ready for its full potential. After it is charged connect the battery and battery pack into the jacket, just by simply plugging it in. then depending on what kind of brand you have there is either a button on the chest that controls the jacket or there is a remote that will change all of that for you. Make sure before using your heated jacket that you read the manual.

Q: How to Turn on a Heated Jacket?

A: Most brands of heated jackets have a button on the front of the chest that you can push and it will turn on the jacket. It will also change the heat setting depending on how many times you push the button. You push it more to turn up the heat. Some other brands of heated jackets have a remote and you can change the heat setting that way.

Make sure to always have your battery completely charged before using the jacket. The reason being that the jacket will actually work better when the battery is fully charged. Remember when you first get the jacket that the battery is not charged for you, so you will have to fully charge it before using.

Q: How to Plug in a Heated Jacket?

A: All the heated jackets that I have reviewed come with the battery and a charger. It is very straight forward on how to plug in and charge the heated jacket. Put the battery into the charging device and then plugged into the wall with a USB cord. Usually the batteries take a few hours to charge the battery fully. You can always buy a separate battery that will work with your jacket that way if yours dies then you have a backup battery.

Q: How to Remove Battery Controller from a Heated Jacket?

A: The first step in doing this is to make sure the jacket is turned off and not hot anymore. Once that is finished go to the pocket that has the battery pack inside. There should be an easy way to remove the battery pack. Just pull the USB cord away from the battery pack. Once it is disconnected you can charge your battery or even put your jacket in the washer. As long as you have removed the battery pack it is safe to be washed.

Q: Where is the Battery in a Heated Jacket?

A: Most commonly you will find the battery pack/ power bank kept inside a pocket that is close to the chest area. They put the battery pack there that way you have easier access to change the temperature settings on your jacket.

Q: What is the Quality of the Batteries?

A: All the batteries that come with the heated jackets that I have reviewed above are all very high-quality batteries. All of the jackets are made with high-quality materials so don’t worry about your battery. The batteries last for very long hours and should work and last for you for years.

Q: Can you Bring a Heated Jacket on an Airplane?

A: This is a tricky question to answer. Some of the people’s testimonials have said they went through airport security with their heated jacket and it does sound alarms when going through. Since the jacket is wired with the carbon fiber elements, airport security has been very cautious about what they allow through. I suggest not bringing your heated jacket with you to your destination if you don’t have to.

Q: How Long Will the Battery Power Last?

A: This will depend on what heat setting you have your jacket turned up to. Most heated jackets will last eight hours on low. The Venture brand will last twelve hours on low and the Ororo brand will last up to ten hours. If you have the battery power turned onto high the battery power will run out much faster. It will only last you about three to four hours if it is set to high.

Q: How to Wash a Heated Jacket?

A: Most of the brands above do advertise that they are machine washable. In my experience of owning heated jackets; it is always best to spot clean your heated jackets if they appear dirty. The reason I say this is because of the longevity of your jacket and its performance will keep staying strong if you don’t wash it. If you know you are a naturally sweaty person, I suggest wearing clothing underneath your jacket to keep it free from sweat and dirt as much as possible.

Q: How to Size a Heated Jacket?

A: Most of all the heated jackets I have reviewed have all run smaller than the true to size method. I would definitely say with most of these jackets being a slim fit jacket that it is best to size up when you purchase yours. Especially if you are planning on wearing a few layers underneath then definitely size up to give yourself more movement room and room for your layers.

Q: How Much Do Heated Jackets Cost?

A: This depends on which type of heated jacket you are going to purchase. Obviously, the heated jackets that are toward the more expensive side, may have better features and made with better materials and better batteries. You can find a really good decent heated jacket in the mid price range.


Don’t let yourself suffer this winter. You have the choice to not be freezing this winter. Why not get yourself one of the best heated jackets on our master list. Get yourself nice and toasty this winter and do all the things that you want to do outside without the fear of freezing!

Do you have one of the best heated jackets on our list? How do you like it? Let us know in the comments below or send us a message on the contact us page. We would love to hear from you!

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