Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

All survivalists and people who go camping and hiking need to have a sleeping bag among their gear. A sleeping bag can do wondrous things by keeping you warm, comfortable, and safe from the outside elements.

The best cold weather sleeping bags work amazingly to keep you warm during those cold winter months when your camping. Some of the products you will see on this best cold weather sleeping bag review can work in temperatures below 0 degrees. Check them out below and find out just why you need one of these in your life.

Top 3 Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

ALPS Mountaineering Blaze -20 Sleeping Bag

Top Pick
Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag

Budget Pick
TETON Sports Celsius XL Sleeping Bag

Runner Up

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Cold Weather Sleeping Bag Reviews

ALPS Mountaineering Blaze -20 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag  

The Alps brand is known for its two-layer technology and it’s below -20 degrees mummy sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is made for people who will be camping out in very cold weather. The tightening strings inside will allow you to close up the sleeping bag to trap in the heat generated inside.

Both the outside and the inside are made from a strong, durable polyester. The outside polyester is very strong, and it is meant to not rip while you are using it or hiking. The inside is a double layer to help keep the sleeping bag insulated to trap heat inside. Even the heat that is generated from your body will stay inside the sleeping bag.

  • The outside is made with a strong polyester that is rip-proof. The inside is a polyester inside that is very insulated.
  • There are two layers inside that are insulated, and it eliminates cold spots in certain areas.
  • This sleeping bag is designed to work in temperatures as low as -20 degrees.
  • You have the option to choose from the regular size or the extra-large size.
  • Affordable price for a low temperature sleeping bag.

This brand also offers two different sizes of sleeping bags, a regular size, and an extra-large size. The extra-large is a little longer and wider. The price is very affordable for this sleeping bag capability to be able to be used in below -20 degrees.

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Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag

Here we have a mummy sleeping bag by the iconic popular brand Coleman. Most likely, you have heard about this brand and have seen many products from this brand. Their mummy sleeping bag will work to keep you warm in extremely cold temperatures as low as 0 degrees.

Most people can fit inside of this sleeping bag very comfortably unless you are over the height of six foot two. You would still be able to fit inside of the sleeping bag, but you just might not have a ton of room to move around.

This sleeping bag has been designed to keep the heat generated inside locked in. The quilted pattern keeps the sleeping bag from getting snagged on the zipper or the outside elements. There is also a Termolock technology that keeps that warmth generated inside and allows great heat retention in the fabric to bring the heat back to your body.

  • Mummy style sleeping bag that only exposes the face to cold weather.
  • It can be used on temperatures as cold as 0 degrees.
  • This sleeping bag can accommodate people 6 foot two and under comfortably.
  • The hood can be tightened super tight to keep the heat inside the sleeping bag.
  • The construction of the sleeping bag has a quilt look and a Thermolock tube that keeps warmth and heat inside.

Overall, this is our pick for the best cold weather sleeping bag because it keeps you so exceptionally warm. Not all sleeping bags work in below zero temperatures, but this mummy sleeping bag by Coleman does. This is a very affordable sleeping bag, and in fact, it is the cheapest product out of the other products on this review.

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TETON Sports Celsius XL Sleeping Bag 

Teton is another company that has a wide range of different sleeping bag products from regular, warm, and even extreme cold weather ones. The product that we will be talking about today is an extreme cold weather sleeping bag, and you have the choice to choose a 0-degree option or a -25 degree option.  You also get to decide where you would like your zipper, either on the left or right.

There is a draft tube that goes around the sleeping bag that actually adds extra padding around the shoulder area. This will even keep out drafts of cold air, and it will keep the warmth inside. You can also tighten the mummy straps in the hood to also keep out drafts. There is a zipper located on either the left or right side, as well as the bottom of the sleeping bag.

  • This is a mummy style hood sleeping bag with a rectangle body and feet shape.
  • The hood can be tightened to keep the cold air out and the warm heat generated inside.
  • You can unzip the sleeping bag from the top or at the bottom.
  • This sleeping bag is constructed with a double layer of insulated fabric to help keep you warmer longer.
  • It can easily be stuffed into the storage sack when it is not in use.
  • Two different temperature options- o degrees or -25 degrees.
  • The choice of blue, grey, and green.

This sleeping bag weighs around nine and a half pounds, so it is slightly bigger and heavier than some of the other sleeping bags. You do have a choice of choosing between the blue, grey, or green color. I always love when products have color options and choices to choose from. I also really like that the sleeping bag can be used in freezing weather situations. Overall, this is another affordable option for one of the best cold weather sleeping bags on the market.

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Hyke & Byke Katahdin 15 & 0 Degree F 625 Fill Power Hydrophobic Sleeping Bag

Here we have another brand called Hyke And Byke; they also make very high-quality sleeping bags that are in the mummy style. The inside is made with a super soft down as well as Clusterloft microfiber. These fabrics really help to insulate the mummy sleeping bag. There are two different options to choose from when it comes to how low of temperature the bag can be used in. There is a 15-degree option and a 0-degree option.

The outside of the sleeping bag is very durable, and it is tear-resistant as well as water-resistant. The inside of the sleeping bag stays nicely insulated. There is a very strong, durable zipper that will not get stuck on fabric when moving up and down. You can also choose a regular size as well as a long option that will work better for taller people. You also can choose from two different color options.

  • This sleeping bag is made with a 625 fill power clusterloft Microfiber.
  • This is a very lightweight and durable sleeping bad that has great insulation.
  • The air clusters inside the sleeping bag trap in heat to keep you warm.
  • There are two different options when choosing one that works in temperatures as cold as 0 degrees and the other works until temperatures reach 15 degrees.
  • The sleeping bag is naturally water-resistant, but it does not mean it is completely waterproof.
  • Available in two different color options, charcoal gray, and forest green

This is a more expensive option when it comes to a cold weather sleeping bag, but it is indeed worth the money due to all the features as well as the quality of the overall sleeping bag. That is why it has been added to our list of the best cold weather sleeping bags.

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Terra Hiker Down Sleeping Bag, Outdoor Mummy Bag

This cold weather sleeping bag made by the Terra Hiker company is one of the lightest sleeping bags. When this sleeping bag is all wrapped up, it only weighs 2.56 pounds; that is the equivalent weight to a liter water bottle. This makes it very easy to clip to your survival backpack to take on your hiking or camping trip.

The nylon that the sleeping bag is made of is water-resistant. You will not have to worry about the inside getting wet unless you sleep in a full-on downpour. If a light rain comes through or a mist in the morning, you won’t have to worry about getting wet. The nylon also helps to create a quiet sound because other sleeping bags make noises.

  • This is a very lightweight sleeping bag weighing right at 2.56 pounds. This is great for hiking or even airplane travel because of how lightweight it is.
  • The nylon lining of this sleeping bag is actually silent and doesn’t make those traditional sleeping bag crunchy noises.
  • The nylon fabric also helps to be water-resistant, so if it is lightly raining or misting, then you won’t have to worry about the water getting through into the sleeping area.
  • The area inside the sleeping bag is quite roomy, and you can place different things inside with you.
  • This sleeping bag does only come in one size, so you will have to keep that in mind.

This is another very affordable option when it comes to a cold weather sleeping bag. This is a one size only sleeping bag, so you will have to think about that before making your purchase. It is roomy on the inside so that you can bring your phone, extra clothes, or even a snack inside the sleeping bag with you.

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Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

How to Choose the Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

In this section of my article, you will find our buying guide. The goal is to help you narrow down the best options to find the one that is perfect for you. Take some time to explore each topic, and it will help you make your decision on which product to pick up.

Temperature Rating

Temperature rating is critical because it tells you how cold of weather you can use your sleeping bag in. It is important to follow this rating because it will be the coldest temperature that you will be able to stay warm at. Rating change from brand to brand, and you will need to be sure what the temperature is where you are going.

Keep in mind if you are using this sleeping bag during the wintertime, you should be wearing warm clothes even when you are in your sleeping bag; this will help keep you warmer. Most cold weather sleeping bags will work in 0-degree temperatures, but some will work in below -20 degrees. Whatever you decide to choose, will all be on your personal preference as well as what the weather will be like where you are going.


The sleeping bag material is also a very important feature because depending on the material will depend on how warm your sleeping bag keeps. Below you will see a few examples of materials:

Down – This is a very durable material but way more expensive than other polyesters/microfibers. Down is lightweight, so it will be easy to carry the sleeping bag, and it is actually very warm, making it perfect for cold weather situations.

Synthetics – Polyester materials are a more affordable option, and it won’t stink or get ruined if it happens to get wet like down materials. They can be a bit bulkier, which may be a deal breaker if you are carrying the sleeping bag around for long periods of time.

Nylons – Nylons are another material that is common in sleeping bags. The nylon is water-resistant, and it also is quiet compared to other sleeping bags; it won’t make that crunchy noise.

There are other fabrics, but they will most likely fall into the synthetic category.


Weight is another factor for you to consider when picking out a sleeping bag. You are most likely planning on taking your sleeping bag with you on a camping trip or a hiking trip, so you will have to carry it. You won’t want to carry around a big heavy bulking sleeping bag.

Check the product’s weight before buying and make sure that you can comfortably accommodate that amount of weight. I know that this is a big deciding factor when it comes to people who are traveling by place because they don’t want to have the unnecessary weight that they can use for other items.

You will find a wide range of different weights of the products above, some being very lightweight and others being a bit heavier. You will need to decide what you are looking for as far as weight.


Not all sleeping bags fit the same; some don’t even fit individuals over a certain height. Many people do not know this, but sleeping bags are not designed as a one size fits all. You will need to look closely at the specs of each sleeping bag to see if it is going to fit you properly.

Many companies, especially the best sleeping bag companies, have multiple sizing options for you to choose from. For example, a company may have a regular size that fits people comfortably under 6 foot 2 and then another option that is slightly longer and wider to fit people who are out of the first range.


One of the last things you should consider is the Insulation of the sleeping bag. The insulation is what keeps the heat generated inside the sleeping bag inside of it. This is very important for a cold weather sleeping bag because otherwise, you will be freezing, and it will not work as it is intended to. The insulation inside a sleeping bag also blocks out the cold air from coming in.

There are different types of insulations, such as down or synthetic materials that work very well inside the sleeping bag. Check out the different insulations above and choose which one you like best. Each one of the products above work very well to insulate the sleeping bags above.


Price, of course, determines everything in the world that we buy. Sleeping bags definitely range in a wide variety of prices, some being cheaper and others being very expensive. When you pick out your camping or hiking gear, the sleeping bag is generally one of the more expensive things you purchase.

Make sure you set a budget for how much you want to spend. Keep in mind the better and warmer materials for winter sleeping bags do cost more. You can expect to spend a range of $50 -$150 on a good quality warm sleeping bag.

Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Cold Weather Sleeping Bag FAQ

Below you will find a few common questions and answers about cold weather sleeping bags.

Q: How Should You Store a Sleeping Bag?

A: The answer to this question really depends on what type of sleeping bag you have. A traditional synthetic material sleeping bag can be stored very simply. It can be compressed down really compactly in the storage bag that the sleeping bag comes in or your own bag if you have one.

If you have a down sleeping bag, then I suggest you don’t store this type down compactly. The down can get ruined and pressed down too much when it has been sitting folded for long periods of time. When you are trying to store a down sleeping bag, it is recommended to store it in a bigger bag if you can.

Q: Can You Machine Wash Sleeping Bags?

A: Not all sleeping bags can be machine washed. This varies from brand to brand, and it also varies by material. Some sleeping bag brands can certainly be put inside of a washing machine, but sleeping bags, in general, do not need to be cleaned very often.

You really only need to wash a sleeping bag when it is truly filthy or around once a year. If you haven’t even used the sleeping bag in the entire year, then skip washing it until you have used it a few times. If you are unsure about washing your sleeping bag, make sure you check your specific products care instructions to see if it is hand wash or machine wash.

Q: What is the Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag?

A: In my personal opinion, I love the ALPS Mountaineering Blaze -20 Sleeping Bag; it is a fantastic large sleeping bag that works in extremely cold weather. It is in the mummy design and traps in the heat nicely to keep you warm.

This is a fantastic brand that produces high quality sleeping bags. If you want to learn more, you can scroll back up to read my full review.


I hope that we were able to help answer all of your questions about cold weather sleeping bags. Not many people know that they can’t use a regular sleeping bag out in cold temperatures, and that is why we took the time to find the best cold weather sleeping bags for you to save you some time! Let us know which one you like the best.

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